Thursday, November 1, 2007

If ever there was a word that did not belong in the Western vocabulary,...

Islamophobia is it

But Muslims are quick to throw the term out there anytime they deem any statement by any Westerner to be "offensive," or "stereotypical," or that in any way puts the prophet Mohammed and his religion in a bad light.

Case in point? I mentioned in a blog post a few days ago that Okla. State Congressman Rex Duncan, along with several of his colleagues, rejected a gift of the Muslim holy book from the Governor's council on ethnic relations, saying that most Oklahomans do not support an ideology that condones the killing of innocent women and children, which, as far as I'm concerned was something of an understatement, both with regard to most Oklahomans and as concerns the violent murderous nature inherent to the religion of Islam, but nonetheless. In this CAIR follow-up article on the story, the I-phobia word is used to describe the wretched, insensitive, and downright disrespectful conduct of Rep. Duncan and his colleagues (Note to Rep. Duncan and all, in an Islamic country you'd get your head cut off for making such statements).

From the CAIR story:

In rejecting the Qurans, Islam's revealed text, some lawmakers made stereotypical and offensive remarks that falsely linked the faith of Islam to violence. (emphasis mine)

Seriously y'all, when I read a statement like this: "...that falsely linked the faith of Islam to violence," I have to wonder what planet these people are on, or what planet they think you and I are on. Or, perhaps most importantly, what planet the people who believe this tripe are on.

I just got through watching Robert Spencer's excellent presentation in Brussels (hat tip John Savage), and one of the things he points out in his speech, quoting an expert on Islam (in an appearance on the Fox News show, Hannity and Colmes), is that you know, do you not, that there are Islamic groups out there who call themselves such things as "Islamic Jihad?" Duh!

So, look, all you criticism-of-Islam-ophobes, this whole mess is either your doing or the doing of those who share your faith. And as long as you continue to defend your prophet in all of his bloody excesses, and the word of Allah transmitted through him (which a devoted Muslim cannot not do, by the way), well, then, I'm afraid that your religion is going to have to be subject to this kind of scrutiny. Because you see, to an American like myself who intends to do all in his power to pass down to his children and grandchildren the founding principles of this country, allowing you to invade us and to progressively work toward subverting our form of government and imposing sharia law here in America unimpeded is, well, simply unacceptable, the alleged prophethood of Mohammed notwithstanding. End of story. And by the way, the term "Islamophobia", in the sense that you mean and incessantly apply it, I wear as a badge of honor!

Let us hope that Mr. Duncan and all of his colleagues who joined him in rejecting the Qurans will stand their ground and not cower under the pressure of CAIR and the (utterly illegitimate) "interfaith" community in this State and across the nation.


John Savage said...

Terry, nice post.

I don't know if this falls within the purview of your "On Islam" section, but it's worth reading. Gates of Vienna mentioned it yesterday. It's from the same conference as the Robert Spencer speech that you saw on the video. It talks about the Faustian bargain that the Europeans made with the Arab countries, now transforming them into "Eurabia". You have to wonder if we're doing a bit of the same thing.

You're right that one of the things that jumps out in the Spencer video is the way that he restates the obvious, or at least what should be obvious. The jihadists have been so open about their intentions, and we've been so inept in seeing what's right before our eyes. We live in a time where just plain sanity is lacking.