Monday, November 12, 2007

Update on a previous blog post

In my blog post from yesterday, William J. Federer On Islam, I mentioned that in a future entry I'd be dealing more specifically with the assertion that Governor Henry's council on ethnic relations is wrongly named. Also, I asked a rhetorical question in this vein once before in another blog post on the same topic.

In the blog post from yesterday, I mentioned that one of our State Representatives (who shall remain unnamed for the time being) was one of two guests on Dick Bott's radio show. I'll explain that the representative in question has a website which I failed to write down while listening to the radio program. My intent was to search his name and find the website that way. When this yielded nothing, I sent an email to the individual requesting the url to his site. He graciously replied to me in relatively short order, honoring my request to provide me with the url. However, I can't get it to work for me, and I'm not sure why.

Whenever I get a working url for this site, I'll make it available to you. My understanding is that it answers the question as to why Governor Henry's council is inappropriately named, and what this State Congressman, as well as others, has said about it, among other things.


Michael Tams said...

New level of offensive. There was a double-sized billboard along the highway (fortunately, one I don't travel very often) that read in big letters, WHYISLAM? with a website to learn more about how great the Mohammedan faith is. They've got oil money over there to fund organizations that can advertise/propagandize. All we've got is this free little corner of cyberspace.


P.S. Well, yes, that plus the Truth, which hasn't been known to let people down. Maybe we'll be alright anyway.

Terry Morris said...

That billboard was probably funded through CAIR, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or some such organization. And of course these organizations enjoy tax exempt status in the United States as well. So they can continue their subversive activities unimpeded, putting up signs, building more and more Mosques and so on and so forth, all under the specious mask of "moderate" Islam.