Monday, July 9, 2007

Behind the Scenes

Most of you have probably noticed that Webster's, and in some cases the AFB, have been undergoing frequent changes in appearance the last few weeks. This is all in an effort to provide the readership with a more quality product, both in appearance and in actual content.

Many thanks go out again to our CTO for providing technical assistance in making these marked improvements to the blogs.

With respect to Webster's, I had an idea in the beginning of what the blog should look like. As far as he could, our CTO reworked our chosen template so as to accomodate some of the vital changes in format that I thought were needed. But the template we chose (as a matter of convenience for the time being) has proven to be less than accomodating to certain improvements I'd still like to make.

Therefore, we've concluded that a whole new template, customized to our desires, is the best means to effect our ends. I could never even begin such a work without the aid of our CTO, who again is solely responsible for the actual changes that you've been witnessing here at Webster's and at the AFB. And considering the lack of compensation he is receiving for his work, I do indeed owe him a great debt of gratitude, as has been said.

But don't be surprised if you happen by sometime in the relatively near future only to find a completely new look here at Webster's. If everything goes off without too many hitches, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the coming changes. And I think you'll probably agree that those changes forthcoming will prove the difference between what is now a quality appearance, and what shall be then a superior one.

Let us hope that the content is as good. I may need some help...



Edmund Schrag said...


Terry Morris said...

Yeah, we're wanting to add some more to that, and we will eventually I'm sure. But the sound quality has to be excellent, and that makes for a more difficult process in adding pieces of music, as you're probably aware.

At this moment we're concentrating our efforts more on the blog's appearance, as you can see. And we're still not quite there, but we're getting closer by the day.

Glad you noticed, E.