Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Star Spangled Banner

Just a short note to encourage you, if you happen to stop by, to turn your volume up and listen to my very favorite rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

I first ran across it several years ago while shopping for patriotic cassette tapes at Hasting's, or somewhere like that. Of course I now have the CD version of the collection entitled: "Stars and Stripes Forever, Volume II."

Many thanks again to our CTO for putting it up, along with the waving banner. And also for the work done to the AFB button. Very nice!

Hopefully the music'll help to get you in the right mood for the day's activities. And if you've never heard this rendition before, wait for the introduction of the Piano....very uplifting, very encouraging, very....American!

Perhaps we'll put up other patriotic music that perhaps some of you have never had the pleasure of hearing. I can think of a couple of songs from a Boston Pops album -America The Beautiful- offhand that probably exist in relative obscurity. And of course the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is famed for its many albums containing patriotic music.




Michael Tams said...

B-E-A-utiful, as the funny man used to say.

I was so moved yesterday in the car that I belted out the only three verses I could remember of "America the Beautiful." I love patriotic songs, thanks for sharing.


Call Me Mom said...

Thanks, I don't recall ever hearing that second verse though. I thought there were only the 4 stanzas. Was it added?

And, Mike, I'll bet you only remember 3 verses because when we became allies with England during the war, we stopped singing the 3rd verse out of respect to those who had now become our allies.

Not PC to be singing about how their blood has washed out their foul footsteps pollution and all that eh?

Oh, and why am I on-line on this most glorious day? Because I am sick and miserable and not willing to share the cold with the extended family. I'll bet I can see some fireworks from the windows tonight though. Happy 4th gentlemen!

Terry Morris said...

Mom, hope you get to feeling better, and I hope you got to see some good fireworks displays from the window.

Yes; the last verse has been added, but I still count it my favorite rendition- best vocals, best instruments, and etc...

MT, I've worn out several patriotic cassettes over the years driving to and fro. And I've been asked many times by individuals: "What the heck are you listening to?; it's not the fourth of July."

For some reason people seem to think that patriotic music is to be played, if at all, on 'the fourth,' and only on the fourth. But when they hit me with that 'fourth of July' stuff, I usually correct them with: "you mean "Independence Day?...the fourth of July is the day after the third, and the day before the fifth." And if they mess with me too much, I'll recite the DoI to ' its entirety. They're asking for it, man, what can I say. lol