Thursday, October 25, 2007

Muslim chairwoman offended by Okla. State Lawmaker

Marjenah Seirafi-Pour, a Muslim and the chairman of Gov. Brad Henry's "Ethnic American Advisory Council" is denouncing State Representative Rex Duncan's assessment of Islam that it is an extreme ideology.

Apparently Miss Seirafi-Pour takes exception to Representative Duncan's statement that Islam is an ideology which encourages the murder of innocent women and children. She says it is not an ideology, but a religion. Ok, so it's a religion. And what is a religion? See here.

Representative Duncan was joined by sixteen other Oklahoma lawmakers in rejecting a gift from the council of a copy of the Quran.

I only have a couple of questions, to whomever they may concern:

1. Where's the evidence showing that Islam is a "very peaceful, very inclusive religion," as Seirafi-Pour insists?

2. What's a Muslim doing chairing this council, Governor Henry???

In a related story in the McAlester News Capital, Wednesday edition, it is reported that members of the council are going to offer to meet with the representatives who refused to take the gifts. The idea being, of course, to re-educate these representatives on the "peaceful," "inclusive" nature of the religion of Mohammed. In other words, to acculturate them to Islam.

I'll be contacting Representative Duncan's office this morning, recommending that he read and pass around to his compatriots some of the articles I've collected on the subject here at Webster's. (I have now done this.)

More later.


Michael Tams said...


Please keep us posted, of course! Especially if someone produces the evidence you were talking about.

Hopefully some of the information you've compiled can be of use.