Saturday, February 21, 2009

Attention Obama Opposers:

Be careful about the way you state your opposition to Obama and his policies, or you may be treated to a visit from the Secret Service.

I'll tell you what, this guy Barack Hussein Obama must be the Secret Service's worst possible nightmare. As a radical leftist with a radical leftist Congress to back him up and he it, and given that radical leftists possess little to no will or ability to exercise self-restraint, and given as well that there are a bunch of crazies out there who are equally incapble of exercising self-restraint, and we don't know who exactly they are, law enforcement agencies across the fruited plain are on hyper alert for anyone who openly expresses his disdain for Hussein's destructive leftist policies. And since they're on hyper alert for speech that might possibly be construed as threatening towards the president, or that might incite violence towards the president, this means that the Secret Service's workload under Obama must be enormous by comparison to the same respecting the last few administrations. I wonder how much stimulus money is earmarked for the hiring and training of more Secret Service field agents to protect Obama?

Anyway, you can read Dr. Yeagley's interpretation of what happened to a gentleman in Oklahoma City on February 12 when he was followed and eventually pulled over by a police officer because he had taped to the tailgate of his pickup a homemade sign which read "Abort Obama, not babies" here. Dr. Yeagley also has a video interview with the man posted in the entry.