Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Homegrown Jihad?

Gates of Vienna is plugging a new documentary video - Homegrown Jihad - showing evidence of terrorist organizations and at least 35 individual terrorist training camps scattered about across the U.S.:

Baron Bodissey writes:

Martin Mawyer, Jason Campbell, and the other brave people of the Christian Action Network have spent the last three years researching, videotaping, and gathering material for their documentary Homegrown Jihad. They have done the country a tremendous service, and I recommend that you visit the CAN site and get yourself a copy of the DVD.

While I too encourage you to visit the CAN site and watch the trailer video, and certainly order your own copy of the movie which I intend to do, may I express a minor quibble with the use of a certain term, as well as to offer an alternative?

Is it possible for us to agree to stop referring to these Muslim terrorists living and training in America as "homegrown"? Admittedly it's a catchy word, but homegrown seems to me to imply that they were born and raised and educated in America, which I'm sure is true for some of them, but surely the vast majority of them are not "homegrown," and they didn't become jihadists while living on American soil. Rather, they are grown and developed elsewhere, or foreign-grown if you will, and make their way to, and manage to stay in, America via a variety of avenues, legal and illegal. Therefore I suggest that we stop using the term "homegrown" in relation to this particular group of jihadist terrorists, and replace it with "home-based" until such time as we gain smarts enough to remove them from American soil and repatriate them back to the lands from whence they came. At which point we'll no longer need the term to distinguish between them and foreign terrorists and terrorist organizations. They'll all just be jihadist mercenaries confined to the lands of their forbears.

Am I asking too much or being too nitpicky?


Adamgv said...

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Rick Darby said...

How about "imported jihad" or "invited jihad"?

Anonymous said...
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Terry Morris said...


"Imported Jihad" - I like it.


Besides the fact that your comment is completely incoherent, it is also, well, stupid. Not just ignornant mind you, but stupid. I can tolerate ignorance, but I have a big hangup with abject stupidity. If you have anything intelligent and coherent to say, then by all means say it. Otherwise anything you post at this blog will be summarily deleted.

-The King of the Castle