Monday, February 2, 2009

Is the impending economic crisis a Godsend?

Jeff in England, writing in this VFR entry brings an interesting perspective on the impending economic crisis. Indeed, I too have had these very thoughts, particularly of late, but for a period of years as well. And I'll admit to you that I've even longed for this to happen to a certain degree.

Jeff writes:

I see this financial crisis as the "calvary" in regard to the immigration situation. Whereas a reversal in immigration to the West was near unimaginable before, it is now conceivable though still unlikely. In addition, financial collapse might destroy the West even if it slows immigration as well.

Jeff expresses a concern, however, that if things deteriorate elsewhere -- Mexico and other third-world countries -- that this will leave our immigrant populations with no alternative but to stay in their newly adopted countries. And I respond.

Also keep in mind that highminded liberals, once they begin to feel the real effects of the economic crunch, will begin to question whether it is wise to continue funding entitlement (dependency) programs originally intended for American citizens when they can barely afford to keep their own heads above water, if they can even afford that much. So in a sense, and if Jeff is really on to something here (and I think he may be), it's not only the economic crisis that is a Godsend, it is the election of a Socialist president and a Socialist Congress in the midst of an impending economic crisis, both bent on intensifying the economic crisis situation, that is a Godsend.

The Lord do work in mysterious ways.


Ron Russell said...

Doubt if this current situation will change the immigration problem in this country. Why would Mexican nationals wish to return to what is virtually a civil war in their on country at this time. Maybe if things get worse here and better south of the border that will change, but I can't see anything going in that direction now.

Palo said...

Ron Russell - Many immigrants (legal and illegal) are returning to their home countries. Many of them are Indian, Chinese, Hispanic, etc. Many retireers and young people are also leaving. Look at the debt levels man. There will be an economic collapse in the USA.