Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Typical "Muslim-American" couple

Yes, one of them was recently subjected to a typical Muslim honor killing, or should we say a typical Muslim honor beheading? Or should we say the victim was honored with a beheading?

Small consolation to his decapitated wife that her husband, acting the part of a good Muslim following the example of his demented prophet in sawing her head off with a knife as the culminating event in a marriage fraught with abuse and violence (I wonder how many times he raped her?), will sit the rest of his days in a prison cell where he will become an even more dedicated and a more perfect Muslim, I'm sure.

Explain to me again why we invite these people to live in our country and participate in our political process, and to enjoy all the priveleges and immunities thereof, including the right to a speedy trial, trial by jury, fifth amendment protections, and the rigth to state provided legal representation? On second thought, don't.


From the story linked above:

The couple had two children, ages 4 and 6, DiPirro said. Muzzammil Hassan also has two children, ages 17 and 18, from a previous marriage.

Question: Is Mr. Hassan's first wife's head still attached to her body? Presumably all of his children remain in one piece.


The_Editrix said...

Last December, a Turk slaughtered his estranged wife in front of a supermarket in a busy town in West Germany.

"Karlheinz Strötzel was only ten meter away from the scene of the crime. "I suddenly heard horrible shouting. " He turned around and saw the blood squirting. "He almost cut her head off!"

Is there any doubt that we are watching a pattern here? People are just not looking for it.


RickAHyatt said...

Maybe they should get more protein, like pork? Dietary aliment? One thing for sure, any one who wants to become a suicide bomber in order to have sex with 47 also dead virgins is SICK!

Terry Morris said...


No, there is no doubt we are seeing a pattern. Those of us with eyes to see, that is.

Disturbing video too. But we need to disturbed a bit in such a time as this.


Welcome to the blog. No doubt these folks are sick, just like their prophet was sick.

The_Editrix said...

Yes, we definitely need to disturb. I have been reproached because I publish those disgusting pictures from "gay pride parades". Do those people who are reproaching me seriously think that I LIKE them? But what better argument is there to reveal the hypocrisy of the call for marriage and children by those people? (Like for all the "peaceful Muslims" and terrorism, we are waiting in vain for all those nice, middle class, serious, family-minded homosexuals to voice their disgust for anything like that.)

I have put up too, and several times for that, the heartbreaking pictures from the hanging of that young woman in Iran. I hope that at least some of those of my fellow Germans who are holding candlelight vigils for the Tookie Williams of this world yet waxing lyrically about the "vibrant, modern society" Iran is will see it.

Yes, to disturb is a must.

The_Editrix said...

Off topic: I just discovered that you have a label called TRUTHOPHOBIA. That is simply brilliant!

Terry Morris said...

Nora, yes, I think I may have actually coined the term. But even if I didn't, it is a brilliant term nonetheless, I agree.

Terry Morris said...

Nora, concerning "Truthophobia":

File this one under the a-good-lesson-to-learn-from file, but the first time I published the term may be found here.

The reason I say it is a good lesson learned is because the BNWW entry I was responding to when the term occured to me is no longer accessible except to John Savage himself whom we've not heard from in many months. So the context isn't very clear given that I didn't quote from John's initial entry where he bemoans the misuse and abuse of 'phobias'.

But my original definition of truthophobia may be found in the Webster's post linked above. I would probably define the term somewhat differently now.

(I also note that that Webster's entry is not filed under the label truthophobia, but phobias, which makes it a bit elusive as the introduction of the term. I suppose I need to change that.)

The_Editrix said...

Terry, indeed! The term "phobia" is, if abused, a leftist tool if I have ever seen one. To denounce an ethically and factually supportable aversion as "phobia" is standard leftist-slander.