Monday, February 9, 2009

Republicans ecstatic over congressional losses

Well, not exactly over their losses, but they're apparently ecstatic to finally be back safely and securely in the minority, and it took big losses in two elections to get them there, hence they're really ecstatic about their losses:

It’s not that they were glad to lose. There are a lot of indignities involved in being the minority, and a pretty small minority at that. But talk to Republican lawmakers and insiders these days, and they speak as if an enormous weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Some of that weight was named George W. Bush, but in a larger sense, Republicans are relieved to be free of the burden of running things.

Free of the burden of running things? Hmmm.

Anyway, do read the entirety of the article, it's interesting what congressional Republicans are quoted as having said recently per their minority status. They'd likely be that much more ecstatic had a few more Republican Senators been peeled off in the late election, but I imagine the infamous three probably weren't up for re-election this go-round.

And what about Lindsay Grahamnesty? Does he epitomize the apparent inability of congressional Republicans to be in the majority and to be conservative at the same time? The only way conservatives can be true conservatives is when they're in the minority?

I'm not sure what good it does anyone for congressional Republicans to be unanimous in their opposition when even their unanimity, due to a simple lack of numbers, cannot stop a single measure the socialist party wants to put through. In other words, with conservatives like this, what need have we of liberals?