Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

A question that often comes up in our discussions is whether there is really a God? Today is the birthday of my wife, my best friend and most trusted confidant for the last 22 years. What is the proof that there is a God? My wife. Why do I say this? Because I fervently prayed for her as a young college student in an isolated dorm room some 23 years ago; a perfect match if there ever was one.

Happy Birthday! I love you more than ever, as always.


The_Editrix said...

Belated wishes from me as well! You are both very lucky people.


P.S. In cases like this, my English language skills tend to desert me. Maybe "happy" or "blessed" (or both) are more apt than "lucky", but whatever. I think the spirit in which this is said comes across.

Terry Morris said...

Indeed the spirit does come across, Nora. And I think "lucky" is the right term, although the term "blessed" might be a better fit, depending. At least I've always considered myself blessed, as well as lucky, to have a wife as good as mine.

But thank you, Nora. I will pass your birthday wishes for my wife on to her.