Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New addition to "On Islam"

Readers familiar with this blog immediately recognize the On Islam label in the post title. For those new, or relatively new to the blog, On Islam is the title of a section in this blog's left sidebar containing permanent links to sites and articles by authors who are knowledgable about the subject of Islam, its propagation and advancement in the West, and the ultimate reason its [Islam's] adherents seek empowerment in the West.

The propagation and advancement of Islam in the West is obviously a major concern of this blog and its owner, and I'm on constant lookout for articles and authors who are knowledgable and informative on the subject. Indeed, as I wrote in the introduction to to my webpage Lawrence Auster on Islam,:

The purpose of the page is twofold: it is to provide the inquisitive seeker of information concerning Islam with factual material on the nature of the religion of Mohammed which you may have heretofore been unacquainted with or simply unaware of. ...

Likewise, it is one purpose of this blog, and the specific purpose of the On Islam section of the blog, to provide the inquisitive reader with the same type of factual material taken from the Quran and other Islamic sources, and to allow him to draw his own conclusions from the material presented.

I do not pretend to be open minded when it comes to the advancement of Islam in America and the West. Indeed, I freely own that I'm vehemently oppose it and anything that leads to Islam's westward advancement; specifically Muslim immigration to America and the West. Why? Because, very simply stated, Islam in practice means nothing less than an attempt at complete and utter world domination by various means including, but certainly not limited to, religious deception. And since Muslims are the practitioners of Islam, or Islamic world domination, then they do not belong in this country or the West. In other words, I know enough about Islam at this point to justify closing my mind to any and all attempts to sugar-coat what Mohammed's "religion" is all about, and/or, any and all stated attempts to eviscerate from the historical record who and what this piece of garbage Mohammed was. And I know enough about it to know that "radicals" did not "hijack" a great religion on Sept. 11, 2001. Islam may well be by some standard a "great religion", but it most certainly has never been hijacked by radical islamists unless you consider its demented radical founder to have hijacked the very religion he himself invented and became the embodiment of by his own barbaric, murderous, anti-semitic, pedophile example - the example that all good Muslims are to follow.

I cannot acquiesce in what appears to be a new innovation on the final stanza of Berkeley's famous poem:

Westward the course of Islam takes it way.

The first five acts already past, a sixth shall close the drama with the day.

Time's most violent offspring is the last.

Notwithstanding all of that, I'm happy to report that a permanent link to a worthy site has now been newly added to the On Islam section of this blog. Thanks to Mr. Winn for his scholarly service in this cause, and thanks to Gates of Vienna commenter Henrik R. Clausen for turning me and other GoV readers on to the site. I hope you'll take the time to visit and read it, particularly the online book Prophet of Doom.