Sunday, February 22, 2009

Driving a stake into the heart of Republican government

Alan Keyes joins the rank of Senator Coburn (arguably the most consistently conservative member of the U.S. Senate; the U.S. Senate's consummate Okie from Muskogee), both of whom have been declared by certain personalities on the left to be insane because they recognize the communistic radicalism of our leftist president and the leftist-socialist Congress, and they dare to wield their influence, publicly pronouncing their opposition to it.

Dr. Keyes writes:

Until a friend sent me an email about it on Friday, I hadn't read Senator Coburn's speech. But on Thursday evening in Hastings, Nebraska, when asked about Obama's policies, I said that he is a radical communist, and that if Americans who care about liberty (i.e., who don't want to put a stake in its heart?) do nothing to stop him he'll bring about the destruction of the United States.

I just have a couple of things to say about this: whenever the left declares a person to be insane, that person is probably on the right track. Saying that someone is insane because he strongly opposes the policies of a president and a Congress which will destroy all remaining vestiges of Republican liberty is itself a form of insanity, or at least of self-delusion. In any event, it's not insanity to oppose a policy initiative if you believe, and publicly pronounce your belief, that it presents your country with an existential threat. That's like saying someone who establishes and adheres to rules for the better ordering of his home and family, and who pronounces the reasons for which other forms of family government are incompatible with the safety and happiness and the perpetuation of his family, is somehow insane. Which is basically what leftists believe about family autonomy.