Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Night Football, It's Back!

I'm going to be watching the "Diggers" play the Wampas Cats tonight. I'm rooting for the Diggers as I have a couple of nephews who play for them. Last year the Diggers defeated the Cats soundly. I'm hoping for similar results this evening.


Diggers Win! 32-8


LibertyorDeath said...

Wahooooo!!!!! I can feel the chills up and down my spine already.

Michael Tams said...


Perhaps that's just the Holy Spirit? LOL, inside joke, but TM will get it.


Terry Morris said...


Thanks, Mike, I needed that!


libertyordeath said...

Yes I figured everyone would get a laugh out of that. ;)

Terry Morris said...


Are you saying that you had anticipated Mike's response prior to posting your comments? You sly dog you. ;)