Friday, August 31, 2007

Is Christianity Destructive of Society?

Yes, you read the title right. Now pick yourselves up off the floor and let's discuss why this question needs an answer.

In reality this post is intended to lead you to another place where that question is being discussed. Just click on the link here provided and you'll be taken to the VFR entry of this morning: What Christianity requires in order not to be destructive of Society. Also, over at VA's is posted this title on the same subject: Which Christianity? continued.

As far as Auster's entry goes, I think Conservative Swede may actually have one good point. One of the things that VA points out in her post is that today's Christians tend to neglect the Old Testament in preference for the New Testament, the gospels and particularly Christ's words...

A Jew that's a Christian would most likely (today) be more familiar with the Old Testament than his Christian counterpart who is only familiar with the New Testament. He would be more prepared then to make sense out of the New Testament as it relates to the whole Bible.

How Christians have come to believe that the Old Testament, as part of the whole Bible, is not relevant to Christianity is beyond me. It would be like taking one of Paul's epistles and trying to understand it outside the context of the whole New Testament. I know Christians who actually do that. The rest of the Scriptures mean nothing to them if they can't make a direct connection between them and their preferred book(s) and passages. When the Bible explicitly states that "all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, and etc..." But of course, if the book that contains that passage isn't one of their chosen books, then they've probably never run into it I guess.

Anyway, I highly recommend you go read Auster's post. And particularly the excellent comments that follow. But don't try to understand the comments outside the context of the post entry. That's my advice.