Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Witness of the Stars...

That's the title of a book I have in my fledgling little library here at home, and it just happens to be of some significance to this blog if you'll go check out the world map over at the site meter, which button is provided in the bottom left sidebar.

CTO and I were doing a little update and maintenance to Webster's when I happened upon this interesting (somewhat weird) occurance...

Anyone who knows me well knows that I put little emphasis on weird occurances like this one, but I thought it pretty interesting anyhow, and I thought that some of you might get a kick out of it. If you'll go to the updated world map by clicking on the site meter button in the left sidebar, you'll note something of a strange alignment of the dots representing the latest visitors to this blog.

The alignment is strange in a couple of senses. First, it looks a whole lot like the alignment of the stars in the constellation Scorpio. Second, since my birthday falls on November 9th, I am, in fact, a Scorpio. Couple these facts with what my long-time friends and closest confidants know of me – amateur astronomy is one of my passions – and the 'siginficance' of the event becomes more clear.

I have no idea what the date: 8/04/07 has to do with it, but there has to be something significant to it, right? I guess I need to get my 'star chart' out and find out what this all means, right? Lol

Anyway, I thought it was kind of a fun deal that y'all might get a needed laugh out of. You'll note some changes we've made in the sidebars. And we have another change that we'll be putting up shortly so stay tuned.