Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update on the Tancredo vs. Geraldo Showdown

You can read some pretty fair assessments of what happened here. If any of you watched this I'd like to read what you have to say about how the 'debate' went. Also, I agree with LA's answer to Ben W.'s question. Tancredo's people need to set some guidelines before they agree to go on with someone who has Geraldo's reputation for shouting down his opponents and taking over the show. I'm not convinced that there's any 'strategy' behind Geraldo's tactics, as Ben W. suggests, I think Geraldo really believes that...stuff, and he's genuinely passionate about it. I think Geraldo is a “true believer,” how about you?



John Savage said...

Yes, I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up too high, because that's how TV tends to be. I don't know whether it benefits Tancredo at all to be on a show like that.

I agree with your assessment that Geraldo is a "true believer".

Terry Morris said...

John, thanks. Your comments bring some questions to mind. Namely, does it benefit the traditionalist cause for leaders like Tancredo to agree to be guests on shows like Hannity and Colmes? I think it could if certain boundaries were pre-established. And even if they weren't adhered to, as LA suggests, it would make an impression if the guest (Tancredo in this case) were to walk off the set in protest.

On the other hand...

I'm often amazed by the diametrically opposed accountings of what people watching the exact same show believe they saw. I'm thinking here in terms of another Fox News show, the O'Reilly Factor and the viewers' comments segment.

Now, I'm not endorsing the O'Reilly Factor here. I can barely tolerate the guy most of the time, and I rarely watch the Factor. But sometimes it's good for the soul to watch that final segment of the show simply because such completely opposing viewpoints are offered on the exact same show. This is not to suggest that there's not a majority view and a minority view and that the comments chosen by the show simply reflect opposite ends of the spectrum. But it's fascinating to watch, nonetheless. A little dab'll do ya though.


John Savage said...

Well, I don't really find any of these TV "debates" very enlightening, as long as the hosts are going to let them turn into shouting matches. I generally only watch formal debates, with rules and hopefully a somewhat objective moderator.

I'm not sure whether it's beneficial for Tancredo just to be on TV in these debates. That's tough to judge. I can't always say how other people are going to respond to a particular style of presentation.