Tuesday, October 30, 2007

After you've read Islam 101, then what?

Well, I would recommend (though others may disagree) that you make use of the Lawrence Auster page on Islam, specifically The Search for Moderate Islam, Part I, Does it exist?

The entire series is posted at FrontPageMag and linked up over at the aforementioned Lawrence Auster on Islam page. But just to wet your appetite, I'll extract a passage from Part I of the series and post it here.

Mr. Auster writes:

The issue is momentous. If we subscribe to the promise of a moderate Islam, we will make its cultivation the central focus and goal in the war against militant Islam. If this moderate Islam in fact exists, our efforts may help Muslims transform their civilization for the better and relieve the world of the curse of Muslim extremism. But if moderate Islam does not exist, yet we delude ourselves into thinking that it exists, we would inevitably find ourselves trapped in a cultural equivalent of the Oslo "peace process," forever negotiating with and empowering our mortal enemies in the pathetic hope that they will turn out to be friends. Alternatively, if we understand that there is no such thing and can be no such thing as moderate Islam, that would obviously result in very different policies.

As I said before, this article (among many others) is provided for your convenience in the left sidebar of this blog in a handy-dandy easy to use format. Enjoy!