Saturday, February 16, 2008

Liberal rule numero uno: Human beings cannot be distinguished one from the other by descriptive labels;

All intelligible communication between minds must be displaced by language unintelligible and self-destructive.

I've been meaning to write about the gang-style knife fight that broke out a few nights ago in McAlester between a number of [non-citizen] human being residents of the area, but other things had my mind preoccupied. However, we were traveling yesterday evening listening to a local radio station and the incident was brought to my attention again when it was mentioned during the top-of-the-hour news broadcast. Some of the details of the incident are still a little sketchy to my mind, others are not.

One detail which is still sketchy is whether the incident involved ten or twelve individuals. I've heard several reports citing both numbers. Another detail which is not sketchy is that every single one of these individuals involved is an illegal Mexican alien, excuse me, [non-citizen] human being, living here in open defiance of H.B. 1804.

But let's get on with it, shall we?...

Apparently there's a lot of hateful, bigoted, emotion driven, anti-human being speech which has been let loose over at the McAlester News Capital forum concerning this incident. I don't know this to be a fact first hand, because I've never been to that forum. I'm just going on what the McAlester News Editor Matt Lane says in his opinion piece -- No human being is illegal -- on the subject, and I certainly do not doubt his liberal, excuse me, human being guided veracity.

Mr. Lane writes:

If you don’t visit the forums at, I dare say you’re missing some spirited conversations.

With the arrest of 10 men involved in a fight, and the news that they are not U.S. citizens, the topic of “illegal aliens” has been brought to the fore. Most of the posters on the News-Capital forum are foursquare for kicking “them” out and then building a big wall so they can’t come back.

First of all, let's clarify something, it was more than just "a fight", it was a gang style knife fight with bloodletting and several of the individuals involved taken to the hospital for emergency care, all on the taxpayer's dime. Then these individuals were arrested and put in jail and remain in jail, all on the taxpayer's dime. But of course they're all human beings, and no human being should ever be distinguished from any other human being by any kind of negative descriptive, no matter how accurate, or, dare I say "necessary", forgive me.

Mr. Lane continues:

At the risk of being labeled a liberal (or God forbid, worse), I’ve been logging in to, clicking on the forums at the bottom of the page, and adding my two cents about this controversial issue.

With all due respect to Mr. Lane and his editorial stature, two cents is about all his opinion on the subject is worth, and that's being at least a penny too generous, which, in spite of the near worthlessness of a penny, is still, in terms of percentages, being too generous by a full half -- I just didn't want you to lose sight of the significance of a penny when you only have two to work with.

And why is it that liberals like Mr. Lane preemptively squeal like a stuck hog at the risk of being "labeled" a liberal whenever they enter a fray and proceed to expose themselves as abject liberals? Methinks Mr. Lane protests too much. Once again Mr. Lane, with all due respect, there's no need for anyone to label you a liberal (or God forbid, worse), your position is a purely leftist position which you yourself have chosen by your own volition and prefer. In other words, try to learn the meaning of the phrase "if the shoe fits, wear it," and while you're at it study on the meaning of other adages that you've probably used yourself such as "if you can't take the heat, get [your liberal caboose] outta the kitchen. Oops! I've done it again. I've committed the ultimate sin of labelling a fellow human being with a term that has clear negative connotations attached to it. I forgot momentarily that this is disallowed in liberal society. My bad.

Mr. Lane continues with more of his liberal tripe:

I don’t believe any human being is “illegal.” Human beings do commit illegal acts. People who enter this country illegally should be prosecuted and/or sent home. Those who employ undocumented workers should be prosecuted and punished.

Must I point out that the incident which brought on all the hateful discussion in which citizens so wrongly refer to the participants (every last one of 'em) as "illegals" of which Mr. Lane is writing involved ten or twelve human beings here illegally who committed illegal acts, and yet it insults his hyper-liberal sensibilities to refer to these people as precisely what they are, illegals. But it's not Mr. Lane's hyper-sensitive liberal hatred of being "labeled," and "labeling" that is the problem here. No!; the problem lies with those [legal] human beings who inappropriately use such unallowable non-liberal rhetoric in liberal dominated society. Something tells me that Mr. Lane would come completely unhinged at the mere suggestion that perhaps the reason human beings who also happen to be Muslims commit violent acts against "infidels" is because they're commanded to wage perpetual war against us in their illegitimate and evil holy book, and by their false prophet Mohammed. Don't tell me, Mr. Lane doesn't believe any human being is a "barbarian" either. Some human beings commit barbarous acts, and if they commit illegal barbarous acts then they should be punished, but it is just plain wrong and unacceptable to refer to them as barbarians, right? Right.

But he ain't finished yet:

It comes down to this: Far too many politicians use the “illegal immigration” problem to bolster their standing because they know it is a hot button — it is great for getting people riled up and they can do it without dealing with a bunch of facts or figures. Meanwhile, this country is sliding deeper into debt everyday; our soldiers are dying in a misguided war that may end up costing us $2 trillion; our country’s infrastructure is falling apart, and on and on.

No small number of political hacks will be elected this year because they’ll say they’re tough on immigration and keeping our border secure. Instead of talking about the real problems (what about Social Security’s financial solvency — is that more important than big talk about kicking those “illegals” out of the country?) these snake-oil salesmen will ride the anger they’ve created to victory in November.

Getting good, decent people fired up about “illegals” isn’t hard. They are, after all, foreign-looking and not like “us.” If politicians constantly paint a picture of schools overrun with little “illegals,” or emergency rooms filled to bursting with sick “illegals,” even rational people will become concerned. Lou Dobbs, with the flag waving behind him, scares me sometimes as he rails on and on about the borders and those pesky “illegals.”

Now, look, I'm all about being fair and giving a good argument, even if it's a liberal one, its due, but this guy (God help him!) is worse than a liberal and completely irrational because apparently he expects rational people to take him and his irrational unserious thoughts seriously. Mr. Lane, the illegal immigration problem is a "hot button" because people care about it, and they care about it because, unlike your thoroughly liberalized self, they care about their country and its future and they understand that the immigration problem presents their country's future, which is to say their childrens' future and the future of liberty and legitimate government, with a huge problem if it is not dealt with properly in very short order. Far too few of them, however, understand it beyond the surface of the illegal alien problem. But liberal dominance has not yet completely destroyed their instinct to self-preservation, their love of country and of kin. You on the other hand ... well ...

Mr. Lane continues with his irrational talk of the "irrationality" of those who care about the future of their country:

There are so many other problems facing our nation that getting worked up about the people who clean your hotel rooms, do your yard work, cook your food, pick your fruit, mop your floors and do a hundred other jobs that you demand be done is just ridiculous, irrational and down right illogical. This is a small problem when compared to big problems which bedevil our country.

And what would those vastly greater bedevilling problems be my hyper-sensitive liberal friend? Do tell! Furthermore, we don't demand that these people do these jobs, as if to say we force them to come to this country and take jobs "Americans don't want." Indeed, your whole argument here is based on the fact that what we're actually demanding is that these people leave this country and the jobs that they're currently working at. That's what you're complaining about. So I put it to you, sir, that your whole argument, on top of being idiotic, is ridiculous, irrational, and downright illogical. Once again, as I've noted before, liberals like Mr. Lane are such an ignorant lot that without thinking their statements through they run around all over the place telling of how illogical and irrational their opponents are as they engage themselves in the very thing they're protesting, showing themselves, not their opponents, as the illogical fools that they truly are. Might I suggest to Mr. Lane that he take a course or read a book (or something) on logic; that he resist the urge to broach the subject of logic/illogic until he understands something about the rules of logic. Look, I know you liberals with all your passion for license consider it oppressive to be strapped down by rules or to have to expend any personal effort, so you go off half-cocked all the time with your lawless exhortations. But please, for the love of God, at least try to make sense.

I'll give Mr. Lane the last liberal word, fair minded individual that I am:

End the war, focus on catching the real terrorists still on the run, finish rebuilding New Orleans and the shattered Gulf Coast, do something about our dependence on foreign oil, make our bridges and dams safe, make sure every child gets a solid education, feed the hungry, make sure our precious elderly citizens are well taken care of, give everyone equal access to health care and then, when all of that is done, maybe we should spend some time worrying about “illegals.”

On second thought, let me suggest that the editorial staff at the McAlester News Capital follow the lead of Rod Dreher and the Dallas Morning News and name ... what shall we call them? ... Immigrant Human Being non-illegal illegals, the first annual McAlester News Capital Oklahomans of the Year.


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So, when you (please!) write your book on this topic, let me know- I'd totally buy it. ;)