Saturday, February 16, 2008

The "six memo" to State Republican Operatives?

I wrote the other day about the e-news message sent to Oklahoma Republicans in which Matt Pinnell, Director of Operations for the OK Republican Party, wrote that all that is required for "conservatives" is that they remember for the next ten months the number six, and pull the lever for John McCain.

Coincidentally Don Feder writes today over at his Coldsteel Caucus of the Top ten reasons not to vote for McCain (hat tip VFR). And what reason of the ten takes up the number six spot on Feder's list? You guessed it. Mr. Feder must have been subjected to the same "six is all you need to remember" argument, which raises the question in the post title.

Mr. Feder writes:

The moment Mitt Romney “suspended” his campaign and McCain became inevitable, the squawking began: “You mean you’d actually prefer Hillary or Obama (judges)? At least McCain is pro-life (judges). He’s a war hero who’ll ably lead us in the War on Terrorism (judges). Did we mention that he’ll appoint conservative judges?”

But I agree, let's all remember the number six, Feder's number six -- create a bumper sticker, iron press it on some t-shirts, get one of those cool Henna tattoos, whatever it takes for you to remember that number -- as Mr. Pinnell might say.