Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney drops out

I'm a little surprised by this development, I admit, but not at all shocked. I think the timing of it caught me a little off guard.

But former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman didn't waste any time telling us Republicans what we need to do now that Romney's out of the race:

Within hours of Romney's speech, former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman endorsed McCain and urged all members of the GOP to back him.
''Our party has had many outstanding candidates this year, but it is now time for Republicans across the country to unite,'' Mehlman said.

"Many?" "Outstanding?" Would Mr. Mehlman care to elaborate, or to list for us the "many outstanding candidates" our party has had this year? "Outstanding" for what, Mr. Mehlman, their unprincipled non-conservative GOP destroying, Democrat empowering brand of conservatism?

Unite behind McCain?! You must be dreaming, man!