Thursday, February 14, 2008

A little election humor to take your mind off the pain

Every time a presidential election rolls around, it seems, there's someone out there who predicts the assassination of a candidate should he/she be so (un)fortunate as to win the election and become the next president. This presents the supporters of the candidate in question with quite the moral dilemma, as Rick Darby notes:

So, the United States of America can't even wash itself clean of its sins by electing a blackish president. It is cursed unto the last generation. Obama could sweep every state in the Union, but the sick soul of the land of cotton will rise up and take its vengeance. "Vote for Obama — He'll Make a Change Before He Meets His Maker." "Mark Your Bullets, er, Ballots for Obama."

This would seem to present the good left-liberal with a dilemma. Will electing the man who carries the pigment be sentencing him to capital punishment? If he is indeed a marked man, then the liberal who pulls the lever will be morally equivalent to the one who pulls the trigger.

Well, if the one who pulls the lever knows that his choice, if elected, is a "marked man", then, yes, he would be the moral equivalent of the one who pulls the trigger. But, of course, how could a leftist liberal not know this given his perspicacious understanding of the racial hatred that actuates ... other than leftist America?

But Mr. Darby doesn't leave us hanging on how to account for this problem, he provides us with a solution to the dilemma, in a style all his own.