Sunday, February 17, 2008

New link added

I've added a new link to the Links of Interest section in the right sidebar of this blog. The link is to the site Outraged where you can find a wealth of information about State and local legislative and judicial actions all across the nation dealing with the problem of illegal immigration.

Note: When you go to the site, scroll down the page and look at the way one Oklahoma Democrat, House member David Braddock of Altus, is proposing to gut Oklahoma's H.B. 1804 with his own H.B. 2445. This link may be found on the left side of the page.

I looked at the text of the bill quickly, and it appears merely to be a copy of H.B. 1804 with every meaningful provision of the law struck out. Just one more example of the depths to which liberal democrats will descend to endanger the lives, liberties and properties of their constituents, and of the eternal vigilance which is required of patriots to thwart their treasonous designs.

(Update: I've added another link to this section as well -- I.R.O.N.)