Monday, July 28, 2008

Anti-illegal immigration rally to be held next month

For anyone interested in attending, such as me, and who can also free themselves up to attend, unlike me, there's a group out there called "RightMarch" touting their planned anti-illegal immigration rally, scheduled for next month to coincide with, and in close proximity to, the Democrat National Convention in Denver, as a "massive" event. Of course, in order for the event to hold true to its billing, average folks like you and me will need to be, if at all possible, in attendance.

From the page promoting the event:

In one month, August 25-28, the Democratic National Convention will be held in Denver, Colorado. This will be one of the biggest meetings of pro-amnesty, pro-illegal aliens politicians in a long, long time -- all eager to push their agenda against American sovereignty in front of fifteen thousand reporters and their television cameras from across the country.

All anyone will see or hear is pandering to the open borders special interest groups, like La Raza and MALDEF, for a whole week...

Unless WE step up and make our voices heard even LOUDER!

So we've decided to do exactly that! We're teaming up with Minutemen and local activists on the ground in Denver to stage this HUGE rally, which will feature dozens of prominent speakers and leaders in the fight for border security. We've secured a GREAT location at the spacious "Congress Park," right near the Pepsi Center where 35,000 people will be attending the Democrat Convention!

Imagine -- 35,000 people, including 15,000 reporters, hearing YOUR message AGAINST illegal immigration, LOUD AND CLEAR!

Everything's coming together... but we need YOU there to make it work!

Everything you need to know about the event -- where exactly the rally is to be held and in what proximity it is to the Democrat National Convention site, exact dates and times and so on and so forth -- may be had via the link provided above. If you're interested, or you know someone who is, then that's the place you need to go to get all the information you need.

I'll be watching, with interest, to see whether the scheduled rally indeed turns out to be all its promoters are cracking it up to be. I certainly hope so.


arturo fernandez said...

Here's a study, yet another, showing that illegal immigrants commit less crimes. Be sure to share that with the participants of this rally.

The lie that illegal immigrants are a threat to our public safety must stop.

arturo fernandez said...

Ok, here it is"

Terry Morris said...


I don't need anyone's study to form the common sense conclusion that a mass invasion of this country by third-worlders, Hispanic and otherwise, is a grave threat to our public safety. The fact that Hispanics like yourself argue otherwise does more to damage your credibility than to serve your cause.

Furthermore, it's quite natural for you to show a preference for your own kind, which is one very good reason, among many, that you shouldn't be here in the large numbers that you are.

But here's my favorite line in the article:

It makes no sense for people who live in dread of deportation to call attention to themselves in any fashion, least of all by action that brings them face-to-face with law enforcement.

Quite so!

Now take your "illegal aliens are half as likely to commit crime as legal American citizens" crap to some liberal who's a lot more gullible and a lot more likely to believe it. But it wouldn't matter even if that were the case. The issue is a lot bigger than the immigrant population of the N.J. state penitentiary system. Know what I mean? Never mind.

Call Me Mom said...

Ummm...Mr. Fernandez, has it occurred to you that illegal aliens are all (That means 100% of them are committing a crime.)committing crimes by being here? Or that they are far more likely to be the victims of crime because they are unwilling to bring crimes against themselves to the attention of law enforcement, thus making the country a more dangerous and lawless place for the rest of us?

ferdinand said...

I say terry morris leaves the country too for he is a foreigner as well.

Terry Morris said...

Correction, Ferdinand, I'm a legal foreigner who has roots here dating back to the American Revolution and further on my European side, and even further back than that on my Native side ... don't ya know.

Dear Lord, send me some (new) commenters who have some semblance of common sense. LOL

ferdinand said...

Okay genius, what makes you think so called "illegals" don't have roots here either because the line was drawn only RECENTLY. The country as we know it now is super young and you brought your ilk brought your disgusting diseases and poxes as well.

Indigenous people have been here long before your kind and at least these people didn't lie and deceive and cheat and kill. Many of what in your idiocy call "illegals" may have roots here long before you were even a gleam in your papa's eye.

Ask you lord that answer there eh?

Ferdinand said...

I have white in me, probably would lose it if I had a nose bleed, but you never hear me trumping on about it. It cracks me up to hear you anglo's refer to "my Native blood" when you want to prove something or want some sort of "benefit" as it were.

Do you know your tribe? Do you attend ceremonies? Judging from the past posts on here I highly doubt you know anything about your "Native side".

Simply pathetic. Give me a break.

Call Me Mom said...

ferdinand said..."at least these people didn't lie and deceive and cheat and kill."

Really? I'd like to meet those people. Where are they and why do their ancestors indulge in such things, coming as they do from such a noble lot?
Oh, and I'd also like to know exactly which diseases don't rank as disgusting, because I don't think there are any.

Call Me Mom said...

My apologies, I meant their descendants. I was in a bit of a hurry there.

Terry Morris said...


You can lay claim to a piece of this country on any basis you want, but when you boil it all down, just as if you tried to squat on my personal property, I'm not going to allow it, savvy?

ferdinand said...

Excuse me when did New Mexico, Arizona Texas or California become your land? When did this country fall under your ownership?

I don't care about lines and neither do most indigenous folks. The Tohono O'dham reservation in Arizona CROSSES the boundary into Mexico. It's all just lines, fake boundaries.

"Third World" is just another replacement word for "brown". I call a racist a racist, no need to disguise it, and you are a racist. Pray to your god to figure that one out.

Terry Morris said...


I'm not interested in arguing with you over it. The bottom line is this, like I said before, I'm not going to lay down and let illegal Mexican aliens, or any other group for that matter, overrun my country. The evidence for this is in the passage of Oklahoma's (and other states' similar legislation, Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, and etc.) immigration law, H.B. 1804 which citizens like myself forced our state Congresses to pass. Look it up. That's where you'll find my definition of the term "illegal."

ferdinand said...

What is your definition of "overrun"? I'd like to know just how Mexican-Americans are "overrunning" your country, and specifically Oklahoma, because I lived there for over 20 years and call me crazy but I don't recall ever seeing the state "overrun". I said a lot of racist hillbillies though.

And this is not just your country nor do only your narrow definitions of it apply across the spectrum. Also Oklahoma is in the buckle of the bible belt with a lot of uneducated people so, nothing there surprises me. They also are trying to define English as the "official" language, another racist idea, especially since the tribal languages that were spoken there BEFORE there was an Oklahoma continue.

So, how are Mexicans overunning Oklahoma??

Terry Morris said...

These "racist hillbillies" you saw while in Oklahoma were all white, right? LOL

Look, like I said before, I have no interest in arguing with you about it. The illegal Mexican population in Oklahoma grew significantly over the last several years. Oklahomans reacted by giving our state legislature and our governor little choice but to enact H.B. 1804. Indeed, when they were strongly advised against it by an OKC lawfirm who threatened suit against the entirety of the law, the legislature responded that they feared reprisal from the people of Oklahoma more than any lawsuit brought against the law. Good call.

Terry Morris said...

Ferdinand, here's a FrontPageMag article from October of '07 that you should enjoy, particularly Linda Chavez's contribution.

jdogg said...

Um duh?

Not that it matters, but what IF the Mexican population has grown? All populations grow, and by the way this must have happened in the last four years because that's when I left.

This continues to smack of nothing to racism and fear, that's all. It's repub racism at it's finest.

Oh man the messicans are taking over! Pretty soon we will all be eating burr ee toes!

jdogg said...

I'm gettin pulled into this blog, I probably should be not wasting my time so much, ADIOS.

Terry Morris said...

You guys keep it up. You just keep driving my overarching point home.

Jason, take my statement "the last several years" to mean whatever you like. But I can tell you that I first began to notice a growth in the illegal Mexican population in Oklahoma around seven or eight years ago. But yes, about four years ago is about right for when it began to grow at an alarming rate. It was about three years ago, give or take, when the Oklahoma legislature first began to discuss the provisions in 1804.