Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An interesting exchange

Under my post from two days ago, an exchange was had between myself and a couple of disagreeable Hispanic commenters. Also, jdogg, an Indian who we've all come to know and love, decided to leave his mark in the thread as he bid us all a fond adios. So long jdogg, we will miss thee.

Now, don't get the wrong impression. I'm not touting the exchange as containing any intellectually stimulating value at all, because it most definately doesn't. I apologize for that. But there are some valuable aspects to it nonetheless. For instance, here is what Fernando has to say during the exchange:

The country as we know it now is super young and you brought your ilk brought your disgusting diseases and poxes as well.

Indigenous people have been here long before your kind and at least these people didn't lie and deceive and cheat and kill.

This is just prior to Fernando's attacking me for being a "racist", mocking my religion, and calling white Okies "hillbillies", I mean uneducated "racist hillbillies":

"Third World" is just another replacement word for "brown". I call a racist a racist, no need to disguise it, and you are a racist. Pray to your god to figure that one out.

Of course Fernando's statements can't be racist. You can't be brown, or more broadly non-white, and racist at the same time, irrespective of what you say about a given non-brown race.

And here's jdogg in his farewell's eve message, and in his wonderfully articulate way, mocking concerns over the alarming growth of the illegal Mexican population in this country, and, again, calling me a racist and an alarmist:

Not that it matters, but what IF the Mexican population has grown? All populations grow, and by the way this must have happened in the last four years because that's when I left.

This continues to smack of nothing to racism and fear, that's all. It's repub racism at it's finest.

Oh man the messicans are taking over! Pretty soon we will all be eating burr ee toes!

How many times do these people need to call me a racist and an alarmist, an extremist right-winger and so on before they learn that I'm immune to it? They can call me what they like as many times as they like, it doesn't change anything. And as I pointed out to Fernando, I'm simply unwilling to sit back and allow my country and my state to be overrun by third-worlders. That's just a fact that I guess I'll just have to keep teaching to them.