Sunday, July 27, 2008

VA on the ominous implications of an Obama Presidency

Vanishing American, citing the conclusions of a Jared Taylor article on the inevitability of an Obama Presidency, questions Mr. Taylor's use of the term "edifying" in describing his predicted effect of said presidency. I've not yet read Mr. Taylor's article, so I'm going on VA's assessment which I trust is accurate.

VA writes:

I can't fault much of what Jared Taylor says in this piece on Why Obama Will Win. I suppose my problem with the piece has to do with his conclusions. Overall, I get the impression that Mr. Taylor believes that an Obama presidency will, at worst, be ineffectual and bumbling, that it will be a failure in the sense of not being able to deliver on promises made.

If only I thought that. If the worst we had to deal with was just another ineffective presidency, it would not be so bad.
The concluding sentence of the piece is the following:

It will be an edifying presidency; and whites may be a little less deluded in 2012.

Now, maybe there's some meaning of the adjective 'edifying' which eludes me; my Webster's Dictionary gives this secondary meaning of the verb to edify:

2. To instruct and improve, esp. by good example; to profit morally or spiritually.

For the life of me, I cannot see how we might even be instructed, much less 'improved' by an Obama presidency, and I am really at a loss as to imagine how we might profit morally or spiritually by it.

It does seem as though Mr. Taylor is joining the 'worse is better' group, although he stops short of recommending that his readers vote for Obama as a number of people on the right have done.

I gather that he sees the election of Obama as a certainty, and most of the time, I see it the same way.

However the election is still a few months away. Things could change in that period of time. It ain't over till it's over. Unless, of course, the whole process is rigged, which is entirely possible. At no time in my life have I ever had less confidence or trust in the system.

VA goes on to say the following in the final paragraph of the entry,

If an Obama presidency would be a mostly failed endeavor, we'd have little to be concerned about, but I am not convinced of that. I don't think, as I once naively thought, that the President is really 'the most powerful man in the world.' But he does have the most powerful men in the world behind him, or he would not become President.

to which I respond, pointing out that the President of the United States is, most powerful men in the world behind him notwithstanding, rendered virtually powerless by a U.S. Congress determined to oppose him and his agenda; that given the current makeup of the U.S. Congress and the probable makeup thereof following the November elections, an Obama presidency will, in my opinion, be disastrous for this country. It will be a disaster that we'll probably not know the full effects of for two to three decades to come.

I'm in full agreement with VA on this one. I simply can't get with the "worse is better" crowd. A lot of irreversible damage can be done in four years by an Executive with a Legislative branch to support him. But if you can show me evidence that the next Legislature will oppose an Obama administration, then you might have a chance to convince me that worse is indeed better in the case of an Obama Presidency.


Rick Darby said...

By your use of the term "worse is better" you imply that Obama is worse than someone, and therefore someone is better than Obama. Who do you think is better? My answer would be several million people, but it is hard to see how McCain is among them.

Terry Morris said...

Rick, thanks.

I suppose you are right on some level. The "worse is better" description does seem to imply that McCain would be better than BHO. But I certainly don't believe that.

I don't know exactly where the phrase originated, but it doesn't seem to be, in the context in which I've seen it used, describing McCain as better than Obama per se, but of a set of circumstances in which a "worse case scenario" (which would include an Obama presidency) would occur, shocking conservatism at its very core, awaking the proverbial "sleeping giant."

But I do see what you mean.