Sunday, July 27, 2008

A female German reader takes me to task for my reply to another reader

Nora wrote to me yesterday from Germany, under the thread " on Indian Gaming" that my reply to jdogg in that thread -- in which I asked jdogg what I was supposed to take from his comments -- left a little to be desired, and that she probably shouldn't have read further than my compilation of Auster's writings on Islam, which she mentions approvingly, and by which she came to find Webster's.

Let me say first of all that this entry is in no way intended as an attack on Nora who makes a fair point if indeed her interpretation of my remarks to jdogg is the correct one. But Nora's assessement of my remarks to jdogg is inaccurate. As I explained to Nora in my reply to her under that thread, I wasn't calling jdogg an "extreme left-wing liberal democrat" or any derivative thereof. I was simply pointing out to jdogg the inadequacy of his accusations against me and my site, using his same style of argument, or hyperbole as it were.

Anyway, if you're interested in the discussion between Nora and I, you may read it via the link provided above. Nora has a lot of negative things to say about Dr. Yeagley and she's provided links to her own compilation of Dr. Yeagley's "hate-filled" rhetoric which you may be interested in.

Also, I should mention, since Nora brought it up, that the Lawrence Auster on Islam page which CTO and I created months ago, judging by the number of hits it receives per month, has been a greater success than we originally anticipated, particularly in the short term. Last we checked it was receiving an average of something like 1,500 or 1,600 hits per month. Not too shabby for a page that was created no more than six or eight months ago.

Thanks to Nora, though, for her compliments.


The_Editrix said...

I guess I have to apologize for behaving like a hit-and-run poster because I didn't return to your blog after I posted the comment that gave some substance to my assessment of Yeagley. First, I always feel like needing a shower and some time off when I have dug too deep into that matter, second I was rather busy and third I seem to experience a first onslaught of Alzheimer's and that wasn't the only thing I forgot.

But whatever, thank you in turn for your fair reception of my statements re Doc Y. and I stand corrected regarding my wrong conclusion in the jdogg matter. I ought to have read it more carefully.

Terry Morris said...

Nora, thanks.

I thought it a little strange that you didn't return before, but I wasn't offended by it. Good to see you back.

By the way, our friend jdogg bid us all a fond adios not too long after I posted this entry. And I think we've all been better served for it.

P.S. Dr. Yeagley found this entry shortly after it was posted and wrote me an email about it. He has a lot of good things to say about you, Nora.

The_Editrix said...

Well, obviously, there ARE a lot of good things to say about me. ;-)

Keep on the good work, Terry! I'll drop in from time to time.