Sunday, July 27, 2008

Will I be "throwing my vote away" in the November elections?

Recently I was graced by a visit, unannounced, by my dad and my wonderful step-mother, both of whom I love and respect beyond measure (Dad, next time you decide to drop in on us, please follow the good advice of your wife and give us fair warning.).

Dad and I, during our visit, and as is the usual for us, engaged one another in a political conversation, particularly whether or not to vote for John McCain in the upcoming election. My position is, as I said to Dad, that I can't, in good conscience, vote for the likes of the RINO John McCain. Dad responded that he would vote for McCain as opposed to voting for the alternative Obama. He also pointed out that our state, Oklahoma, would invariably go for McCain over Obama in the general election; that a wrong election on my part, with that fact in mind, simply amounted to a "waste" of my vote. I didn't, and don't, quite see it that way.

Yes; my state will go for McCain when all is said and done, to the tune of 60-40 I should imagine, but does this mean I'm wasting my vote in refusing to vote for the decidedly non-conservative John McCain? You be the judge. I'm truly interested in your take.


Rick Darby said...

You will be throwing your vote away by voting for either McCain or Obama. You will be voting to accept that you must go along with an intolerable choice because that's what the party has selected for you.

At this point, there obviously isn't much hope in the two-party system. Conceivably there could be in the future, or in a third party that would badly split one of the major parties — but for either of those things to happen, we have to at least begin making it clear that we reject what we're offered, and voting for an alternative or write-in is one way to register the rejection.

Terry Morris said...


Thank you, I agree.

Call Me Mom said...

I'm with you Terry. I've been fasting and praying one day a week since Jan. for a candidate that I can , in good conscience, vote for. Mr. McCain is not that candidate. I won't even dignify the idea of a vote for the other media candidate. (I say media candidate, because that's what both of them are. Candidates selected, presented and enforced by media coverage. I won't vote for them.)

Flatulent Fuzz said...

In the spirit of this post... I would like to lend myself to the cause. I invite you, one and all, to write in Flatulent Fuzz on your ballot.

Thanks, in advance, for your support!

Flatulent Fuzz

Terry Morris said...


Get that banner made and let me know.