Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Review of Krikorian's book at Vdare

Just yesterday I was over at BadEagle arguing against the "illegal is bad, legal is good" mantra which we hear so often these days whenever the subject of immigration comes up. Today (hat tip: VFR) I was turned on to Paul Nachman's lengthy review of Mark Krikorian's new book on the subject where Mr. Nachman informs us that Mr. Krikorian deals with this specific issue in the book, among several others we've discussed here before.

Mr. Nachman has sold me. I'll soon be reserving my copy.


VA said...

Terry, I am glad Mark Krikorian (and Paul Nachman) are addressing that issue. And I'm glad to know you are arguing the case too.

For the longest time it seemed as if almost no one would dare to touch legal immigration, and would go through that silly ritual incantation when criticizing illegal immigration.

I think it's mostly a reaction to the fear of being called names, or even more deeply, a fear of thinking of oneself as 'bigoted'.

Terry Morris said...


It's good to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

I've been arguing for at least the last fifteen years that we have too many, way too many, incompatibles legally migrating to our country establishing permanent residency and the rights of citizenship here.

And we know that a lot of illegal immigrants get here via their countrymen who have already established permanent legal status here. In other words, though it may be imprecise to say that legal immigrants purposely involve themselves in the destruction of America with that specific goal in mind, they are nonetheless culpable in it.

I agree with you that legal immigration, as we know it now, is a huge problem in America which we must place much tighter restrictions on.