Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Empowered Muslims asserting themselves

Back on December 5, 2007 I wrote about the mission of CAIR to empower Muslims in America. In a July 7, 2008 CAIR story posted at the CAIR website entitled CAIR-WA Welcomes Police Memo on Religious Ethnic Profiling, one can readily see what an organized and empowered Muslim community in America begins to do with its growing organization and empowerment.

From the July 7 article:

(SEATTLE, WA, 7/7/2008) - The Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA) today welcomed an internal memorandum from Seattle’s police chief cautioning against the use of religious or ethnic profiling in training programs.

In his memo to department captains, Chief of Police R. Gil Kerlikowske wrote:

The purpose of this message is to provide guidance to commands regarding assigning personnel to training courses. Recently there was some concerns expressed by community members regarding a training course. The Seattle Police Department has a commitment to unbiased policing and building trust with the community we serve. It is critical that training designed to detect illegal or possible illegal behavior serve a legitimate law enforcement function. Associating behavior with religious, racial, or ethnic affiliation will mislead law enforcement and cause us to spend time on what might not be a genuine threat. It is therefore, imperative that we carefully review the appropriateness of these courses prior to approving such training for our officers.

Chief Kerlikowske’s memo comes after CAIR-WA called on Port of Seattle Police to ensure that a recent two-day training course, titled “The Threat of Islamic Jihadists to the World,” offered a balanced perspective on Islam and Muslims. Local Muslims leaders had expressed concerns that the course would promote stereotypes and religious and ethnic profiling. (all emphases mine)

If you've never been to the CAIR site and read their articles, I recommend you take the time to do so. One thing I've noticed in reading their articles (and I do so fairly regularly) is that they're extremely careful to use seemingly innocuous very non-offensive, non-threatening language. But you know what they say "you can't fool a fooler." In other words, I ain't buyin' it.

In the excerpt from the CAIR article above, a typical CAIR article, we see statements like "CAIR welcomed the memorandum," "local Muslims had expressed concerns," and so forth, all carefully crafted non-threatening language to make it seem as though CAIR is not what it actually and really is. I'd lay down good money that the whole truth of the matter is that rather than local Muslims merely expressing concerns about internal Seattle police training policies, that there was rather outrage expressed to CAIR-WA representatives who then, empowered Muslims that they are, proceeded to dictate (not negotiate) terms to the Seattle PD on threats of legal action in the event the SPD refused to comply with CAIR's demands. Then of course the Seattle Police Department buckled under the pressure resulting in the situation we have now -- A police force at a major port of entry on America's West coast rendered virtually impotent in preventing terrorist activities on American soil by Muslim terrorists. What a wonderfully inclusive and tolerant country we now live in.

The article also lists several other recent cases at other major cities in the U.S. where the same results were effectively obtained on the same pretenses.