Sunday, October 7, 2007

Articulating a Traditionalist Conservative Vision

(Note: See also Vanishing American's entry on this topic.)

If I haven't managed to convince you yet of the exceptionalism of VFR among Traditionalist blogs (regular VFR readers excluded here), then this VFR entry should suffice to seal the deal.

Embedded within this article is the link to the original entry, which I highly recommend you read in its entirety. But more importantly, pay particularly close attention to how the original question turns to what is required of Traditionalism, and of Traditionalists under the current, liberal dominated circumstances.

If Mr. Auster is looking for a third, he's got one.

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the populist said...

Vanishing American's entry is truly some powerful, powerful stuff. I couldn't agree more with his post, if I had written it myself.

Terry Morris said...


VA is well known within the traditionalist circles that I frequent for HER powerful articles, which are reasonable, articulate, lucid, and very wordy; every element of which she combines very well in her prolific writings.

And speaking of prolific writings, don't neglect to check out John Savage's blog, Brave New World Watch, as well, when you get the chance. His blog is also on my blogroll in the right sidebar.

Thanks again for the comments.