Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coming soon to a city or town near you

Recently Lawrence Auster wrote to me the following: "To think of people doing this in workplace restrooms or college dorm simply appalling." "No honest person can say that such customs are conformable with America and with any Western society."

Mr. Auster was of course speaking of Muslims and their foot washing customs. But his words apply just as well to the Folsom Street Degenerates.

I would say that no honest person can say that such things belong in the streets and public places of America. It's bad enough that people act like this in the privacy of their own homes. It's worse that our society tolerates this kind of behavior on open display in our public markets. But that's the price of leftist multicultist non-discriminationism.

And please, don't come in here trying to argue that "this is San Francisco and blah, blah, blah." Look, the nearest town to me with any population at all (about 20,000 people) recently held its first annual "gay pride" get-together at the city park. In the same town the Lowes store has a "Men's/unisex" bathroom, and etc. Fifteen years ago I was saying that this was going to happen if we didn't work up the courage and determination to stop it. And virtually everyone I engaged on the problem resisted it saying that rural America was isolated from that influence; from its influence on the public schools and so on and so forth.

What have you unbelievers to say now? Continuing on pace, what do you think your town will be tolerating fifteen years from today? Can you honestly look yourselves in the eye and say that your local homosexual contingent is going to be satified with holding "orderly" gay pride festivals in such relatively obscure places such as your local public parks? Bull! If that's what you believe about homosexuality; that there's any "moderation" inherent to the lifestyle, then I would have to say that you're willingly ignorant at best. They won't be satisfied until they're marching down your streets and neighborhoods putting on public display their deviant abjectly immoral behaviorisms. Open your eyes!

(Warnings are provided before you get to the actual images.)

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Michael Tams said...


Oh dear Lord. I looked.

Folks, this might be the most important (arguably) and most revolting (certainly) thing you lay your eyes on. I should have heeded the warnings, yet, like you said, open your eyes. Is Satanic too strong a word for the perversion of Christian symbols on display? What else could animate such hatred?


Call Me Mom said...

I'm not looking. The written descriptions were horrifying enough. Knowing that I cannot unlook at such things, I refuse to look. No, I do not have to burn my finger to verify that fire is hot.

My greater concern is that such displays, which are clearly in violation of laws relating to public behaviors, were not stopped by the law enforcement officers who were present at the event. Are we a nation of laws only when it is convenient or when we think the enforcement of them is easy? What possible excuse can the government and law enforcement agencies of San Francisco offer to justify such a public flouting of the law?

Terry Morris said...

Mom, good to hear from you.

You write:

"What possible excuse can the government and law enforcement agencies of San Francisco offer to justify such a public flouting of the law?"

Maybe this will help to answer that question.


Call Me Mom said...

Or perhaps, this:
"We Believe That Policing Strategies Must Preserve and Advance Democratic Values. The Law enforcement officer in a democratic country must be the living expression of the values and potentialities of democracy. Police officers must, as a matter of course, know and use the most effective techniques for enforcing the law and maintaining order. Moreover, they must perform their duties in a manner that helps to preserve and extend the precious values of a democratic society. "

which is posted here: as part of the mission statement of the San Francisco police Dept. explains some of it.

Perhaps they would understand their job better if someone informed them that we have a republic, not a democracy.

That brings us right around to Mr. Tams' recent post "Unfit fo Command". Are we really so indoctrinated by the public school system's dumbed down curriculum that a government agency doesn't bother to fact check so simple a thing before posting it as part of their mission statement?