Sunday, October 7, 2007

Welcome to all the VFR readers

I learned that LA had put up an entry linking to my post on Kristor's exceptional apologetic comments yesterday while visiting sitemeter to see how my statistics were doing for the day, and noticing a sudden spike in the number of visits to Webster's. When I investigated the matter further I found that virtually all of the "spiked" visits were coming from the same entry page linked over at VFR...

Given the exceptional quality of VFR, which consists not only of Auster's reflections, but also those of his readers, my hope is that you VFR regulars have found something here at Webster's that you find intriguing, which in turn will encourage you to visit again. Just keep in mind that Webster's is still very new, and that I'm still trying to work out some of the bugs. In other words, Webster's isn't up to VFR standards yet, as you can see, but I'm slowly working to get it in that ballpark.

For instance, I like the way Auster incorporates his reader comments into his entries. I'd like to do that here at some point as well. Another thing is that Auster's "liberalism radar" is a lot more finely tuned than mine. He can detect very slight hints of liberalism it seems, whereas I might miss these not-so-evident indications of liberalism. Or, if I do happen to catch them, I'm not as skillful at exposing them.

Nonetheless, as I said, I'd like to extend a warm Webster's welcome to all you visitors still coming in from VFR. I hope you find something here that intrigues you, and that gives you a desire to return. And I hope some of you will choose to leave a comment. Indeed, it was just yesterday that I jokingly asked my fellow AFBer, Mike Tams, whether he thought we could somehow swipe a few of Auster's commenters while Auster wasn't looking. ;)

One final note: I've embedded a link in the "blog description" section in the left sidebar which will take you to the very first post ever put up here at Webster's. This explains what my thoughts were at the time in starting this new venture.

Welcome to all.