Monday, October 15, 2007

Introducing: "On Islam"

That's the title of Webster's newest section in the left sidebar directly beneath the section titled "Select VFR Articles." I have a lot of reading to do before I add any new links to that section. But if any of you have any suggestions for items you think belong there, please let me know. Thanks.


John Savage said...

Wow, Terry, looks impressive! Especially the Auster section.

When you get all ready, tell me and I'll put up a post suggesting to my readers that they check out your work over here.

Terry Morris said...

Thank you, John. Will do.

We're going to make some changes in the way of improvement to that page. But it serves the purpose as is for now.

We're also working on some other stuff that I'll let everyone in on later.


John Savage said...

Terry, I suggest you sort through Rod Dreher's posts on Islam. Auster acknowledges that he's about the closest an MSM pundit has come to affirming separationism. Dreher has a great post today about a conference he attended on the Muslim Brotherhood, which I've linked to.

You might also consider putting up a link to the Fjordman files, or at least picking out the posts on Islam from him. He's the one who wrote that "Age of White Masochism" post, and he's very good. He's also a separationist. His work gets posted at Jihad Watch, Gates of Vienna, and Brussels Journal.

Those are just some ideas.