Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oklahoma Senator takes principled Constitutional stand

Do not miss this post over at Bad Journal. Oklahoma State Senator, Randy Brogdon, of Owasso (near Tulsa) says "the NAFTA Superhighway stops here, at the border with Oklahoma."

Hat tip to John Savage for making me aware of this article.

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the populist said...

Really, it comes as no surprise that the "ALMIGHTY DOLLAR" is trying to flex its muscle, once again! Look no further, than the amount of money raised in the name of presidential campaigns, and it is quite clear that MONEY is the bottem line in our nations politics.

It is good to know, that at least one politician is willing to stand up against the tide of the "Almighty Dollar." I challenge the rest of our nations representatives (both national and state) to do what is right and not what is in the best interest of their biggest financial contributors.

Sebosmile said...

Good for Brogdon! If only this would set off a domino effect...