Friday, October 26, 2007

The real Islamo-Fascism Awareness

By the way, don't miss the ongoing discussion over at VFR on Islamo-Fascism Week, where, as I've intimated in the title to this post, the real and actual "Islamo-Fascism Awareness" is being hashed out. Namely, that the term Islamo-Fascism is a nutty liberal term to begin with, and the efforts of David Horowitz in raising this awareness on college campuses across the fruited plain is just as nutty and ill-conceived.

Here is pearl plucked from Lawrence Auster's initial entry:

Again, both the crazy left, and the somewhat less crazy Horowitz right, believe that Muslims are innocent victims, and must be rescued. The left wants to rescue them from America, Horowitz wants to rescue them from Islamo-fascism. But leftists and Horowitz agree that the principal object of our solicitude is Muslims. Horowitz is not seeking to protect us from Muslims, he's seeking to protect Muslims from Islamo-fascists. And that is insane.

I'm reminded here of Auster's excellent FrontPage article, The Key to Jihadist Ideology and Strategy, which is included on Auster's page On Islam in the left sidebar of this blog for your future reference.


John Savage said...


You might want to watch this video. It’s a speech by Robert Spencer to the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels.