Sunday, October 28, 2007

Updates to the On Islam section

Once again, for anyone not familiar with this section of the blog yet, this is located in the left sidebar of Webster's under the heading On Islam.

We've now added more articles to the Lawrence Auster page, as well as updating the introduction to the page. But the page itself is by no means finished as yet, neither with regard to the articles collected there, nor regarding the introduction, which, in its current state is just an expansion of a temporary intro until I can put together a better one (basically this means I need to become more familiar with the articles themselves, then I can write a proper introduction to the page). Your comments and suggestions on the page are welcome, and we've provided a comments button in the nav bar to accomodate them should you have any pertaining to that page particularly.

Also, I've added Mr. Tefft's FrontPage interview under the aforementioned section in the left sidebar. Y'all stay tuned and stay on the lookout for more additions, both to the section in question and to the Lawrence Auster page we've put together. Compiling all this material under one heading has really been fun and enlightening, and I have a few more ideas for improving on what we've done so far.

Again, your comments and suggestions are very welcome and will be well received, I assure you. Thanks to everyone again, particularly CTO, Lawrence Auster, and John Savage. Your assistance so far has been invaluable.