Thursday, October 11, 2007

Non-discrimination IS Discrimination

Why are liberal multicultist non-discriminationists irrational? Because just as with all liberal doctrines, non-discriminationism is self-defeating, and therefore illogical. And anyone who clings to illogical self-defeating policies and arguments favoring those policies may rightly be denominated irrational.

How is the idea of non-discrimination self-defeating you ask? Any idea forced to support itself with arguments that defeat it is by definition "self-defeating." The idea of non-discrimination actually implies discrimination, because it cannot tolerate discrimination of any sort. Thus it must discriminate against any form of discrimination, which is the only form of discrimination it can tolerate, while claiming not to tolerate any form of discrimination.

Have I managed to thoroughly confuse you yet? ;)


John Savage said...

Terry, yes, I'm somewhat confused, but is this, by any chance, related?

Terry Morris said...

John, yes, that is where it naturally leads, so it does relate.

The basic idea is that in order to put into actual practice the left's theory of "non-discriminationism," one has to engage in the practice of discrimination; discrimination against anyone or any theory contrary to (total) non-discrimination.