Monday, September 24, 2007

2005 FrontPage Interview with Paul Sperry

Paul Sperry is the author of the book "Infiltration, How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington". I mentioned a while back that I had purchased a copy of Mr. Sperry's 2005 book at a local Christian bookstore.

Though I've not yet read the book in its entirety (I've been reading it in conjunction with several other volumes), I ran across Sperry's website,, while reading through the afterword of the book. Posted below is a sample Q & A from the Front Page interview conducted with Mr. Sperry, posted on Sperry's website linked above...

Sample Q & A:

FP: Islamism extinguishes women's rights, gay rights, minority rights and all democratic rights one could imagine. These are supposed to be at the core of leftist values. Why is the Left having a love affair with an entity that extinguishes everything that it supposedly holds dear?

Sperry: Because they want to continue worshiping at the altar of cultural diversity. The Left has never met a culture or religion it didn't like, no matter how extreme, violent or anathema to our way of life, even one that uses the civil liberties the Left holds dear against us to gain a bigger foothold in our culture with the hopes of one day denying us those same liberties. Islamists secretly want to Islamize America, which as you say would extinguish women's rights, gay rights, minority rights and the rights of all minority religions to flourish like we're letting Islam flourish right now. And even faced with the threat of another mass-scale attack, the lefties would rather protect their claim to the mantle of tolerance for tolerance sake than their own country. But it's not just the left that won't wake up to the threat. Republican Paul Findley wrote a book about Islam that reads like an endless love letter. Two of the Muslim leaders he lionizes on the cover—Alamoudi and Sami al-Arian—are now behind bars on terror charges! (Findley told me he only regrets putting Alamoudi, a confessed terror conspirator, on the cover.) Then there's GOP operative Grover Norquist, an agent of influence for Islamists in Washington, as I detail in Infiltration and support through several alarming documents posted on Because he's best pals with Karl Rove, he's getting to place bad people in the White House, DHS, the Transportation Department, and other key sensitive agencies in the war on terror. And he and his partner—Palestinian activist and former Alamoudi deputy Khaled Saffuri—are getting the president to legitimize Islam by placing pro-Islam political messages in his speeches. Bush is the first president to mention "mosques" and the "Quran" in inaugural addresses. The stated goal of their Islamic Institute, which got seed money from Alamoudi, is to promote Muslim activists to positions of power.

The entire interview is posted on Sperry's website which is linked above.