Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Departing Post?

When I said in my last entry that it was a departing entry, what I meant to say was that it was the last entry for the day as I would be indisposed the rest of the day Friday. I did not mean that I was departing for good, or for the next four or five days, or indefinately, as my lengthy absence may have suggested to some of you. No; I suspect this blog, irregardless of how popular it is or isn't, becomes or doesn't become, will remain up for quite some time to come...

And besides, this entry is my 99th entry since first starting this blog. There's no way I would ever stop short of posting the 100th. Speaking of which, I reckon I should post something special for the century post at Web's, but at the moment I still haven't come up with anything that seems just right. Notwithstanding that fact, the 100th post will definately be posted by tomorrow morning.

I do owe y'all an explanation for my absence, however. First, I've been busy with other pressing items. Second, I've been experiencing some real problems with my remote server. In fact, I could not even get online most of the day today. Third, I've been working on several things relevant to this blog behind the scenes. Today, as a matter of fact, I had a nice lengthy phone conversation with my fellow AFBer, Mike Tams, wherein we discussed several items of import related to the AFB, and to this blog, and to Balanced/Constitutional government in general -- how do we get there? I appreciate Mike's willingness to hear me out on the number of points I raised, as well as his kind words, which were very encouraging. If you ever get the chance to talk to Mike over the phone, here's my advice: jump on it!

Otherwise, there are a few additional items here at Web's that some of you may or may not have noticed already. 1. I've added The Maritime Sentry blog to my blogroll. The founding father quotes over there, which it seems they put up on a daily basis, are great! Second, I've added yet another article to my Select VFR Articles section in the left sidebar. To my Links of Interest section, I've added a link to the Federalist Papers (Thanks for the suggestion, John!), as well as a link to the Federalist Patriot's Historic Documents page. One last item of note is that I've changed "Webster's Featured Entries" to Webster's Recommended Blog Posts so that I could add to that list entries from other blogs which I frequent. This idea I borrowed from John Savage over at BNWW, with his blessing. I'll be adding soon a section entitled Select AFB Posts as well, so be on the lookout for that.

Y'all look for the "century post" in the morning. I'll try to come up with something worthwhile.


Michael Tams said...

Folks, I'd say the same for my friend Terry; in fact here's his number, give him a call... LOL.

I'd seriously talk the poor guy's ear off if I were a little less polite, just to soak up that Oklahoma drawl. I truly enjoy those conversations, rare as they are (and usually too short, as I'm generally in the car between appointments).