Thursday, March 12, 2009

By Popular Demand

Dr. Keyes is considering an idea that some of my readers may be interested in, so I thought I'd pass the information along in case you hadn't noticed it yet.

Dr. Keyes writes in his blog's sidebar:

Based on comments and suggestions that are coming in via email and other sources, I am considering the possibility of hosting weekly, interactive live webinars based on the materials being offered, and topics being discuss, here on Loyal to Liberty. Participants would have to be properly equipped for online audio and video interaction. To cover costs I would have to charge a fee, of course, in the neighborhood of $25 per 1-2 hour session, with a three month subscription (roughly 12 sessions) for $150. Given the start-up costs involved, I don't want to use very scarce resources to set this up unless there's enough interest to pay for it. If offered, would you sign up for or subscribe to such live webinars? If there's enough response (I'll need at least 50 seriously interested people) I'll move ahead.

If you are interested please take the following poll. Also email me at so that I can send you registration details in the event this goes forward.

Y'all check it out and let him know whether or not you would be interested.