Friday, March 20, 2009

Know thine (domestic) enemies

(Note: this entry has been edited and expanded)

If you've ever had any warm fuzzy feelings about the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center - which should be renamed as Lawrence Auster suggests - or its (remote) dedication to preserving Western civilization counting it as some kind of ally in our cause. Or, if you've simply not known much about the SPLC and what it's up to at all, then you need to read this and put your hopes and expectations firmly and finally to rest.

If that isn't enough, then I suggest you take the time to explore the site, which boasts in its headline that it is "keeping an eye on the radical right" (what about the radical left, and who exactly decides what constitutes radicalism on either side of political neutrality?), further.

Here's a snippit:

Seventy people, including a few well-known mainstream academics, joined prominent white nationalists and academic racists gathered in the Four Points Sheraton at the Baltimore/Washington International airport last month for the first-ever “Preserving Western Civilization Conference.” Its aim: to defend “America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and European identity.” But not much civilized was said there. Rather, the discussion centered around claims that blacks are not as intelligent as whites, immigrants are destroying America, and Islam is no religion of peace — it’s expansionist, intolerant, militant, and seeks to destroy.

In other words, to claim that a given non-white race is less intelligent as a whole than the white race, that mass third-world immigration to America is a threat to America's existence as we've always known it due in part to the intelligence gap, and that Muslim immigration to America in particular, or otherwise friendly relations with Muslim nations and peoples because of the hatred of Western civilization inherent to Islam, presents us with an existential threat if not quickly curtailed is, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, uncivilized speech. And if it's uncivilized speech, then what ultimately must be done about it? I'll be generous and give you three tries at the answer. Better still...

Let's have a little fun with this question and make it a multiple choice. The question restated is as follows:

What must ultimately be done about people interested in preserving Western civilization, or, "defending America's Judeo-Christian Heritage and European identity," it being inherently racist, bigoted, hateful and altogether uncivilized to engage in such pursuits?

a) Nothing, they're entitled to their hate-filled, racist, bigoted opinions.

b) They must be sought out, rounded up, and placed in re-education camps.

c) They must be imprisoned for life; such people cannot be reformed.

d) It's not feasible to put them all in re-education camps, nor to imprison them all, economically or otherwise. We must, therefore, deprive them of their so-called "unalienable" constitutionally secured rights, and implant them with electronic satellite tracking devices capable of tracking their every movement and every (attempted) purchase.

e) None of the above.

Note: The answers I've given are not meant to be exhaustive of all the possibilities. Certainly I could have come up with several others, as well as being more detailed about what each scenario might involve by necessity of its nature. But if you feel like you have better answers than those I've offered, then by all means feel free to post them.