Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who was William (Bill) Cooper, and what is the significance of his untimely death?

(Note: I wrote the draft form of this entry about a week ago, and have just gotten around to adding the relevant links and making the proper corrections.)

Call me "out of the loop", a Johnny-come-lately, or whatever, but the fact is that I've only recently discovered the great wealth of videos archived on the internet. There are, I've discovered, quite literally millions of You Tube videos of various lengths and covering a great variety of subjects, and that's just You Tube. It was in the process of my personally discovering and delving into this unbelievably massive archive of accessible You Tubes that I ran across, for the first time, the interesting story of an eccentric sort of a fellow by the name of William Cooper.

Without going into a lot of detail about him (you can check it out further if that is your desire), Bill Cooper was a conspiracy theorist who was quite convinced that there's a very real and present shadow government in existence which operates behind the scenes and which really controls what goes on in our society moving us ever closer towards a one world government, or, The New World Order. While everyone else (all other nation-states) is basically already on board with this plan, and/or, too weak and slavish to effectively resist it, so the theory goes, we Americans have been slow to join the party thus thwarting the evil designs of the shadow government that really, in spite of all (external) appearances to the contrary, rules over us, albeit not yet completely.

William Cooper made it his life's purpose beginning around the late 1980s up until his untimely violent death on Nov. 5th, 2001, at the hands of Apache Co. law enforcement officers, to, via printed media and low-band radio primarily, to inform the general public of what he believed to be, as I said, the real existence of a shadow government controlling events in the U.S. and elsewhere for the purpose of convincing Americans primarily that a little bit of temporary security in exchange for essential liberties was/is increasingly necessitous in the modern world, thus ushering in the final push by this shadow government towards American acceptance of, and acquiescence to the NWO; to government of, by, and for secret societies.

Now, early in these endeavors of Cooper's he made some wild claims that are simply scientific impossibilities and utterly ridiculous. For instance, during one of his early presentations in 1991 Cooper claimed, among other things, that the moon has an atmosphere and that human beings have colonized the moon for decades, showing pictorial "evidence" of the fact, no less. First of all, if naked eye observations of the moon aren't enough to convince you that the moon has no atmosphere to speak of, let me suggest that you purchase yourself a moderate sized telescope and spend hours and hours, as I've done, observing it that way; up close and personal as they say (a telescope capable of resolving Casini's Division clearly should suffice). There are no cloud formations on the moon, ever, period. If there were, it stands to reason I would have seen them at some point during at least one of my hundreds of observing sessions. Second, due to this lack of atmosphere on the moon the environment there is so utterly hostile to life in general, and human life in particular, that it would be impossible to sustain colonization of the satellite. Such a costly, idiotic endeavor would it be that it would soon be abandoned if anyone ever had the notion to attempt it in the first place. But of course if Plebians exist as some folks seem to believe, then that opens up a whole other realm of possibilites. ;-) That's all beside the point except that it establishes that any claim Bill Cooper made during the last ten to twelve years of his life is at least questionable on these grounds, even though it seems that he later backed away from making such ridiculous assertions as these, focusing rather on claims that are more plausible. It was a good move on his part if his purpose was for serious people to be able to take him seriously.

Notwithstanding all of that (yes, even the bit about cloud formations and human colonies in old photographs of the moon), I find this man and his life to be very fascinating indeed. But the circumstances which surround his death are what really intrigue me about the man and his efforts to widely disseminate his beliefs. Can it be true that Bill Cooper was really gunned down by county law enforcement people late one November night in 2001 according to the official story? Why wasn't local law enforcement informed of what was going to happen on Bill's hill that night; why did they only find out about it after the initial gun battle ensued and Bill lay dead a few feet from the front door to his house on his front lawn? The whole episode and the official story explaining the incident resulting in Bill's death stinks to high heaven of the distinctive odor of an elaborate, collaborative, government cover-up.


We know from the happenings at Waco and Ruby Ridge, and other such incidents that federal agents have successfully infiltrated various groups and organizations passing themselves off within the given group or organization as just one of them, sympathetic and friendly towards their views. It happened at Waco, it happened at Ruby Ridge, no question about it. With respect to Ruby Ridge, for instance, there's no question that had one of these agent-infiltrators not befriended Randy Weaver and his family and coerced him into selling the agent illegal firearms, the incident that happened on Ruby Ridge in which Weaver's 14 yr. old son and wife were both cold-bloodedly murdered by (federal) law enforcement thugs would never have occured. I'm not saying Weaver was right in following the instructions of the officer, or that it was in any way a wise choice to make, I'm simply saying that he who committed the greater sin ought to be made an example of, which would never happen, but nonetheless. There's no shortage of unprincipled jackasses out there willing and eager to follow orders to the "t", particularly when there's little to no chance they'll ever be held personally accountable for their following orders and special rules of engagement. And if you believe that Vicki Weaver was not the ultimate target of FBI snipers at Ruby Ridge, let me say with respect that you've been duped. The FBI profile of Vicki tells the whole story on that point.

At Waco the ATF had agent-infiltrators who had befriended the Branch Davidians for the sole purpose of taking the group down in a show of federal power rivaling that of jackboot Nazi storm troopers. The element of surprise was lost, of course, and the rest is history. You've all seen the videos of these jackboot thugs having their rear ends handed to them during the initial assault on the Branch Davidian "compound." After which the federal thugs in the ATF and sister agencies declared vengeance to be theirs, indiscrimately killing men, women and children in the most brutal way imaginable to any decent human being, all to save face and avenge the blood of their comrades in arms. The extent of human depravity and to which it has taken over unaccountable federal government "law enforcement" agencies is, in a word, sickening almost beyond belief. Which brings me to my point.

As we've seen in the examples of Waco and Ruby Ridge and others less publicized but no less brutal, cowardly, terroristic, and abjectly immoral, it is not uncommon at all for federal agents to infiltrate various local groups and organizations with the ultimate goal in mind of justifying their existence and the extent of their powers, and increasing upon them at the expense, of course, of our constitutional liberties. And this with virtual impunity, not to mention a surprising amount of public sympathy towards these rogue federal mercenaries, which is the same thing essentially as tacitly consenting to their goal of creating a real despotism in which there can be no such thing as unalienable rights.

In Bill Cooper's case it is officially reported that Apache county law enforcement coerced him out of his house operating under the disguise of rowdy yougsters whooping it up down the road from his home, a problem Bill had dealt with on numerous occasions before at the request of his land-owning neighbors. Bill's own high alert level and refined paranoia regarding the deceptive power of federal law enforcement was not enough to prevent his being duped into believing what he was seeing and hearing on his hill that fateful night.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Are you beginning to get suspicious? You should be. Ask yourself the following questions:

First, why would county officers choose this particular means to lure Bill from his home, and all that that implies assuming they didn't just get lucky and hit on the right combination by chance? Second, why wasn't local law enforcement notified as to what was about to go down, if for no other reason than as a way of preventing its unanticipated interference with the designs of the sherriff's office, potentially causing a clash between local and undercover, plain dressed county law enforcement officers ... or was it informed contrary to the official story? Third, has Apache Co., Arizona Sherriff's dept. been infiltrated by undercover federal officers otherwise acting as normal members of the local community? Have your State, county, or local law enforcement agencies been infiltrated by undercover feds? Have your local, county and state law enforcement officers become the willing agents of federal law enforcement; the veritable arms of federal usurpation of power against U.S. citizens? And what does this portend as pertains to the defense, and the means of defense of your liberties? Did the feds learn a good lesson in the high profile cases cited above, thus altering their strategy in pursuit of the same goal? What of value can we learn from Bill Cooper's death?

I'm personally not inclined to believe that it's at all necessary for secet societies operating as the real movers and shakers to control, through events and sets of events, the opinions of Americans at any given moment at this particular juncture of our history. After all, why do in secret what you can do openly with the tacit consent of a largely dependent governed? On the other hand, our founding fathers warned us in writing about the existence then of secret societies, secret clubs, and secret intrigues attempting to effect laws and policies extraneous to the legislature, and that if this ever became the rule in America we could bid a fond farewell to our Constitution. At this point in the game nothing can be lightly dismissed.