Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keyes eloquently makes the case for America's wounded Veterans

Certainly I have a soft spot in my heart for America's wounded veterans, being myself a military veteran and coming from a family of veterans, some of which were wounded in battle. But I'm simply not eloquent enough, among possessing other deficiencies, to make a proper case for them in opposition to the Obama faction. Thankfully, though, Alan Keyes is gifted enough to make such a case, and has no qualms about doing so.

Mr. Keyes writes:

Apparently Obama has no sense of the special debt the nation owes to those who answer its call to arms. He has no sense at all of the need to encourage that answer now and in every generation, by making it clear that as a nation we will stand by those who are weakened, maimed and wounded, not just until their service ends, but until God calls an end to the lives that they have laid on the line for our good. Sadly, this is the mindset we should expect from someone so fascinated with the Marxist ideology, which has again and again produced heartless leaders who believe that people exist to serve the state, or the administrative whims of Party dictators.

In this context his call for mandatory national service takes on an ominous aspect it might otherwise not have. It's one thing to ask free people to give service to a nation that respects their willing acceptance of their duty. It's another to demand that it be given without respect for the character they show, and the sacrifices they have to endure. Such respect is the token of our understanding that when free men and women do their duty, they show character not submission. It is the token that we know as Lincoln did, that their wounds are the nation's wounds, to be cared for from the common store not only of our goods, but of our love of liberty and country.

Do follow the link provided and read the entirety of the entry posted at his blog. It's well worth your time.