Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's really behind BHO's refusal to release his vaulted birth certificate?

There has been a lot of speculation on this question, and I've personally been involved in several online conversations where individuals offer their own theories as to why, apart from the possibility that there may be something damaging to Obama in this document, Obama would continue to refuse to release it. Devvy Kidd touches on one such speculation in an article she wrote for

Devvy Kidd writes:

Obama has controlled the birth certificate issue from day one. He continues to do so. This keeps all of us wondering, filing Freedom of Information Act requests and lawsuits. I think even to the most staunch Obama supporter, it's obvious by now that Obama refuses to release his vault birth certificate because he has something to hide. Or, maybe not. Maybe Obama's refusal is simply to keep everyone running around chasing lawsuits. Remember, he can pull it out for release to the media anytime he wants. Timing in life is everything as they say - especially in politics. (emphasis mine)

I think Devvy is wrong about Obama supporters who know about this issue believing his having something to hide as the reason he refuses to release the vaulted birth certificate. But the scenario I've highlighted in italics is a possibility that I and many others have speculated on before. I personally think it a rather remote possibility given that the "timing" Devvy speaks of would need to be near perfect on Obama's part, which would require an almost prophetic knowledge of future events which would eventually lead to the moment of truth at which Obama would suddenly, after having spent millions of dollars and countless hours in the courts preventing it, release the document.

Then, of course, there is the little matter of the supposed COLB image posted at and elsewhere, which is almost certainly a forgery. The questions surrounding that matter - which are legion - are not simply going to vanish the moment Obama produces his vaulted birth certificate, assuming that he ever will under any circumstances, and I'm sure that he and his inner circle must know this.

The very best way for Hussein to undermine and destroy his seemingly flawless image would be, to my mind, releasing his vaulted birth certificate to the public thus raising more questions about why he concealed it for so long to begin with even if (or particularly so) there's nothing damaging, to him or a family member, on it. But perhaps I'm missing something. In any event, I think the greater likelihood is that there is, in fact, something on the document that is damaging to Obama himself, whether it be his actual place of birth, that his father is not actually Barack Hussein Obama I, or whatever.

Besides, who can trust a president who incessantly compares himself to Lincoln, and that, at the same time, has, for political purposes intentionally devised and perpetrated this elaborate diversion to keep his political opponents, including those of us among the common citizenry, occupied chasing after bird's eggs? Now why would he do that and risk the fallout that would certainly follow once the scheme had been exposed?

If I'm missing something important here, please let me know.


Call Me Mom said...

The more publicity this issue recieves, the more valuable it becomes as a red herring. If there is nothing damaging on it, it would be the perfect distraction from something of more importance, strategically.
That's one of the possibilities I have been speculating upon. Not too much though, because it always brings up the question of what would be so horrific that Mr. Obamam is willing to treat the military of this country with such disrespect for distraction value?
I have seen reference to this issue in a tabloid now. Which is as close to the MSM as I suspect it will get, unitl his numbers drop a bit more.

Terry Morris said...

Well, the real media, where truth is fleshed out, is the internet. And in some cases talk radio. And I think people are beginning to catch on to this.

By the time the so-called "mainstream media" decides to climb on board, the train will have long since left the station, which will serve as yet another example of the mainstream media's growing tendency towards utter uselessness.