Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Salient Point

One of the big topics of discussion of late over at Alan Keyes's Loyal to Liberty site has been the issue of Hussein Obama's eligibility. Dr. Keyes has tackled the issue today in a new article entitled Biden's Gridiron Humor- Is Obama Laughing? in which he discusses the ridicule Congressman Posey is being subjected to for daring to propose legislation which would require that future presidential candidates document their eligibility.

Why the ridicule from the left over a proposal for a piece of legislation that makes as much sense as Congressman Posey's simple, Constitution respecting proposal makes?

Dr. Keyes observes:

Ridicule is a standard tactic of deceivers trying to discredit anyone who draws attention to their dishonesty. With respect to the eligibility issue, however, it requires very little thought and just a modicum of common sense to see through the ploy. The reason for mobilizing the jeering section is also clear. Admitting that in future it would be appropriate to verify the eligibility of candidates for President strongly implies that it would be appropriate to do so now.

An outstanding and a salient point indeed! And one that all of us should be making every time one of these leftist hacks jeers and ridicules anyone who respects the constitution enough to try and prevent its being trampled upon like last week's newspaper.

Incidentally, an Oklahoma Congressman has introduced similar legislation in our state legislature. I haven't kept up with the progress of the bill, nor with its popularity among our legislators. But given the controversial nature of some of the measures they've taken up over the last couple of legislative sessions, with jeering and ridicule from the usual suspects on virtually all sides, I imagine they won't shy away from tackling this issue head-on either.

I'll get on it, though. Promise.