Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update to the previous entry

Something was mentioned in the comments to the Loyal to Liberty post linked in the previous entry about Alan Keyes's lawsuit challenging Obama's eligibility to serve as POTUS being dismissed in a CA court. Predictably another poster - The Silent Consensus - responded asserting dogmatically that Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen citing factcheck.org as the last word on the issue, and calling lawsuits challenging his eligibility "ridiculous," which is, of course, itself ridiculous. When I challenged this individual's assertions, saying that, given the evidence we have available to us at the moment, the best he can possibly do is to admit he has no way of knowing either way whether Obama meets the natural born citizen requirement, this individual responded by saying that me and others who question Obama's natural born citizen status should bring lawsuits against Obama presenting our evidence in courts of law.

Wait a minute!, didn't this person say before that to raise questions about Obama's eligibility is ridiculous speculation, and that those who do so should immediately cease and desist? Why then the sudden change in his response to my reply to him? Because he realized, after I replied to his fallacious assertions, that he was engaging in the very act itself that he was complaining about in, albeit misapplying to, others his opponents, i.e., pure speculation on Obama's natural born citizen status stated as fact. In other words, he does not and cannot know, given the information available to us, whether Obama meets the natural born citizen requirement or not, as I've stated since day one when I first became aware of this issue. Where this individul carelessly and wrongly projects his own mistake on those who have an opposing view is in that he accuses us of claiming to know whether Obama is a natural born citizen or not. That isn't the case at all. We're not saying we know he's not a natural born citizen, we're saying we do not know whether he is or not, and that it is up to him (Obama) to prove that he is. Otherwise the Article II natural born citizen requirement is made, for all intents and purposes, null and void. That's one reason Alan Keyes and others have called it a "Constitutional Crisis", because, by extension, if that particular stipulation can simply be ignored, then any other constitutional stipulation imposed on the President or anyone else can also be ignored, thus making the entire U.S. Constitution and the reason for its existence null and void.

With respect to the other assertions he makes in his reply to me, I don't even care to touch on the ridiculousness of The Silent Consensus' assertion that I, as a private citizen, should file a lawsuit challenging Obama's eligibility except to say that that's not up to me to do for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the straining on an already overstressed legal system such lawsuits would place upon it. And, of course, that he doesn't seem to understand that citizen support of properly conducted lawsuits in this vein is the very best, most viable way for private citizens like myself to see them through to their conclusions. Had The Silent Consensus offered a more commonsensical, constitutionally consistent suggestion such as alerting our elected representatives in our state and national Congresses to our concerns on this issue, effectively asking them to conduct our business in this regard in our steads, which is, of course, the reason we elect them to begin with, then I would have no basis on which to question his motives or his ability to reason through such questions, and the correct methods for dealing with them, properly. But, of course, many of us who have these concerns and do have the ability to reason through this correctly have already alerted our elected representatives to our concerns on this issue, so his extra-constitutional suggestion is just insulting, and that's as nicely as I can possibly put it.

Notwithstanding all of that, and as has been said many, many times before, the solution to this is very, very simple: Produce the birth certificate, either voluntarily on Obama's part, or by compelling him to do so on ours. Until he does so voluntarily (with or without a little nudging on our parts), Mr. Obama is himself THE fuel which supplies the fire of speculation, in effect supercharging it with the money and effort he seems to be willing to expend making sure his vaulted birth certificate never sees the light of day. Which makes any and all calls to cease raising the question the most ridiculous appeal, not to mention the single biggest waste of time, that was ever made in the history of the United States.

So I say to the "Silent Consensuses" of the world, please stop wasting everyone's time with appeals that will never go anywhere until Obama does the one thing necessary to end the speculation. Otherwise, not only do you raise questions about your motives, but also about your ability to approach this subject objectively. Which makes anything you have to say on the issue utterly useless nonsense which no rational person is obliged to take seriously or lend any serious consideration to other than in the way I've done here, which is to say to correct false premises and false assertions, which, as we all know, invariably wind up leading to false conclusions.