Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Mother Country ain't dead yet

Auster has an entry up at VFR today entitled Why Britain is not dead, under which he posts an exchange he recently had with British citizen Keith J. who gives us hope that Britain still has significant life left in her, in some ways more life even than we in the United States.

It's funny that Auster posted this because it was only a few days ago that I had a pleasing experience which made me think, as opposed to what I'd been seeing and reading had led me to believe before, that the mother country does have life in her. Be sure and read Keith's response to LA. And if you're interested in the evidence I was pleasantly introduced to, see here and here.

While we and our British cousins seem to possess the same tendency of being easily entertained by dance and sport and showmanship, these are the kinds of things that penetrate to the souls of civilized Western peoples, and truly move us, as evidenced by the reaction of the audience. Personally I was as moved by the reaction of the British audience to these performances as I was by the performances themselves.