Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tenth Amendment update

As you can see, two states have been added (Idaho and South Carolina), according to this map, to the number of states which have now passed their Tenth Amendment Resolutions in their legislatures, bringing the total to four. The number of states which have introduced their own resolutions remains at 28.

Here is a collection of Webster's entries containing the label "Tenth Amendment," several of which deal specifically with the Tenth Amendment Resolution movement, its initiation and its progress to date; others of which relate to the Tenth Amendment Resolution movement, or the need for such a movement amongst the various states, indirectly.

I went back into Webster's archives recently and added the label to several posts from several months back which relate directly to the movement. But I've written about the tenth amendment and how the central government has trampled upon it any number of times in the past, dating back, as far as this blog is concerned, probably to shortly after the blog's inception. I'll work up a more complete collection of entries on the topic as I have the time and the will.

In the meantime, you can simply enter the words "tenth amendment" into the "search blog" feature, and all of the blog entries I've written containing the words "tenth amendment" will come up. No; this still doesn't exhaust the list of entries I've written relating directly or indirectly to the tenth amendment.