Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Addition to the Links of Interest section of the blog

I'm happy to add a permanent link to a new website, The Tenth Amendment Center, under the heading Links of Interest in the right sidebar of this blog.

I was led to the site while scanning the newest articles and following a link to one of them posted at (also permanently linked under the same heading) earlier, and was pleased to find during my visit to The Tenth Amendment Center site that in addition to providing the service (to those of us with an intense interest in the subject) of posting frequent updates chronicling the growth of the movement and the progress of the individual Tenth Amendment Resolutions as they make their way through the legislative process in the various states, the site administrators have included a permanent link to the AFB in the site's blogroll, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Now you'll have a reliable place to go where you can quickly bring yourself up to current on the progress of the individual resolutions and the movement as a whole. Go tell all your friends.

Meanwhile, the "freestaters" are givin' 'em hell up in New Hampshire. They don't take too kindly, and they certainly do not simply submit, to law enforcement officers and government officials attempting to bully their way onto their private properites without a proper warrant, among other things. They're not particularly inclined to answer questions of the authorities which they are not required by law to answer, frequently (and very respectfully I might add) educating their law enforcement and goverment employed antagonists as to what questions they are required by law to answer, and what questions they are not required by law to answer. And they make it a point to keep a video camera with them at all times, which seems to be a very good deterrant to abuse of power from what I've seen. One of them made a good and salient point in one of the videos I watched, he said in very concise terms following the N.H. Legislature's striking down of their Tenth Amendment Resolution proposal, "When peaceful revolution is prohibited, violent revolution is inevitable." Google it.